Monzo in Cape Verde 🇨🇻


At least on Boavista it hasn’t been possible for me to withdraw money neither from an ATM nor direct from the bank. As barely card payments are accepted here I couldn’t try this out.

Travelling With Monzo: Africa

In Sal I had no luck at all with vendor’s card payments - multiple failures. However, I did manage to get currency out from the ATM in my hotel.


Just got back from a week in Cape Verde. Didn’t have any problems on Sal, Sao Vincente, or Santo Antao with current account cards. Not many places take card, so it was mostly just ATM withdrawls, all of which charge you around £1.50/withdrawl, on top of the 3% foreign ATM withdrawl charge by Monzo (after the first £200).

(Kellie) #4

I’ve just travelled to Santa Maria on Sal, my card was declined at what I believe is the only the supermarket in the town.

Strangely it didn’t come up as declined on the Monzo app like other transactions do, nothing showed at all. (it said correct pin on the terminal screen before declining).

Luckily I had Euro on me, and carried another bank card which is Visa after that.


I doubt in Cape Verde payment terminals are online enabled, so you need a card that allows for offline transactions.


The problem is, that the Cape Verde’s seem to be Visa Card only. Ive been again and as soon as I planned to pay with my Monzo MC I’ve been asked if I don’t have a Visa.


Cape Verde runs its own vinti4 card scheme, with Visa also having some acceptance and MasterCard pretty much only being usable in ATMs. That’s the info I was able to get from a friend who is a Cape Verde national

(Joe HD) #8

Just got back from Cape Verde. I wasn’t able to use my Monzo card except at an ATM in our hotel. The ATM let me have cash twice but each time I tried again it spat my card out after entering my pin. When I tried to pay for things using my card it seemed to fail after putting in my pin. It wasn’t declined and I didn’t get any notification via the app. I also had trouble using my MasterCard credit card. Visa debit and credit cards worked fine every time though.