Monzo in Chile - 2


I’ve been in Chile for the past week and of around 10 shops/restaurants where I tried to use my Mondo card (using chip & pin) it only worked once. The error on the machines was always something along the lines of “POSXML error, invalid params”.

I also managed to take money out of an ATM once but was charged 4,000CLP (~£4), I think because the bank treated this as a credit card.

(Tim Richardson) #2

I can confirm this is still the case. I’m currently in Chile and have been having lots of problems!

The card seems to work in “most” ATMs (Banco de Chile is the most reliable one), and also in most larger supermarkets, but everywhere else it doesn’t seem to work. Make sure you take a spare card and cash!

(Daniel) #3

The Chile thread is here! :stuck_out_tongue: :chile:

And that Error, is the same one I’m getting. But it’s related to Prepaid cards.


(Aaron Summerhayes) #4

Arrived in Chile on Tuesday with a shiny new current account/debit upgraded card. Seems to work 80-90% of the time so still take a back up.

Tested both in Santiago and Punta Arenas in the deep south!

(Tiago Carvalho) #5


I’ve just landed in Santiago de Chile and wanted to withdraw using my monzo. At the airport there’s only santander cashpoints. Any idea how much they charge?

Are there better options?

Any good options in Punta Arenas?


(Aaron Summerhayes) #6

I don’t really use the card for withdrawing money, but had to on one
occasion and was charged about £5 at Santander