Monzo in Sheffield

(Toby Morgan) #1

Hi new here and wondering how many Monzo members are there in Sheffield , Sth Yorks ?

(Liam Oxborough) #2

Not Sheffield but I’m from Rotherham

(Toby Morgan) #3

Nice 1 , how you finding Monzo then ? Presently I am on the waiting list for their Current Account !


Hey I’m in Sheffield :slight_smile:️ I know a couple of other Sheffielders using Monzo but don’t think they’re on the forum. Not seen any other hot coral cards about in the ‘wild’ though so maybe we’re a small and select few at the moment!

(Dan Woodhouse) #5

I’m a Sheffielder :slight_smile:

(Toby Morgan) #6

Hi how you finding Monzo then ? Presently I am on the wait list for the current account !

(Toby Morgan) #7

Hi how are you ? Is Monzo meeting your needs etc ? Presently I am on the wait list for the current account


Yeah really pleased so far :slight_smile:️ got the pre-paid in March, preview in September and migrated to the full CA 2 weeks ago. Using it as my main account, keeping my legacy bank (HSBC) open with a bit of money as bank up, but got direct debts /standing orders going out of Monzo and had no problems. Finding features like instant transactions, notifications, categories and spending report really useful for keeping better track of my money and the app is so much easier to use for payments etc than HSBC. Looking forward to new features like pots and targets (I’m on android so don’t have that yet) coming soon and these developments should start to speed up once the CA is rolled out :nerd_face: hope that helps!

Where abouts are you in the queue? It sounds like they’ll start being able to start getting new accounts out in a few weeks time :hugs:

(Jill Hayes) #9

Not in Sheffield, but in Brighouse. Got my prepaid in May, and upgraded to c in September, not had any problems, even in Bruges everything’s working perfectly

(Toby Morgan) #10

Sounds beneficial then, when I tap on the app icon on my handset it tells me 3000+ behind me and 0 in front ! So fingers fingers crossed shouldn’t be too long. Good idea having your back up in place , most likely do that with my Virgin Money account !

(Toby Morgan) #11

Brighouse that’s famous for Ice Cream isn’t it or am I thinking of somewhere else ?

(Jill Hayes) #12

Brandy snaps are still made here

(Dan Mulholland) #13

Barnsley here but I work in Sheffield. Got a few colleagues using monzo, they started me on it. Had the opportunity to upgrade to the Current Account today - excited to get started!


Yeah fingers crossed won’t be too long! definitely beneficial I’d say, first version of pots coming in a few days as well, so will be there when you get an account :slight_smile:


Same here, used it in Brussels a few weeks ago and no problems at all. Hope you enjoyed Bruges :slight_smile:️ would have liked to visit but ended up going to Leuven instead, did really like Leuven though

(Dan Woodhouse) #16

I’ve been using Monzo for about 6 months now, and the CA since August. I’ve not had any problems (other than Costco’s inability to update their BIN tables and therefore I cannot use my card there!).

(Jill Hayes) #17

Loved Bruges so much we’re going back in 2 weeks lol


Sounds great :joy: enjoy!

(Liam Oxborough) #19

I’ve just switched all my direct debits and wage over, just a nervous wait now till the end of the month to see if my wage goes into monzo :joy:

(Toby Morgan) #20

Nice ! The power of colleagues :slight_smile: