Monzo in Gdansk

I’m going to be staying in Gdansk, Poland for 6 nights and I’m hoping to use my Monzo card. Has anyone used Monzo in Gdansk recently?

If so, how was your experience using it there? Have you had any issues? And, how much did you end up spending?

I’m looking to exchange a small amount before I get there so I can have some local currency just incase but intend to use my Monzo for almost every transaction. Many thanks in advance!

There are a few topics already on using your Monzo card in Poland that I’m sure will have plenty of useful information. Within one of those is the below comment relating specifically to Gdansk.


I used it all over Gdansk last November and it was fine. Enjoy Gdansk it’s a beautiful little town and I’m back there in a couple of weeks :wink:


Happy to report zero issues in Gdansk, most tourist places will take cards and contactless. If you go off the beaten track you may find you will need some cash, Poland is still a very underbanked country (as you will see by the crazy number of bank branches there are).

Using the Google pay too zero problems, again, just make sure you are paying in Zlotys and not GBP so Monzo can carry out the transaction.

Great town and some great places to visit, highly recommend the World War 2 museum, allow at least 4 hours to get around it. Probably one of the best museasums I have ever visited, not really recommended for children though.