🇲🇾 Monzo in Malaysia [Discussion]

No problems so far in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Many ATMs and shops carry “MasterCard preferred here” signs and I haven’t had any problems drawing out money or paying for things. Lots of chip and pin / contactless.

Push notifications have been a godsend. In one restaurant they took the card out back, which always makes me nervous. But I was able to immediately see the transaction.


Not had any problems in Langkawi, used the Maybank ATM, just make sure you don’t accept the dynamic conversion offered on the final screen.

Card has worked in the stores/restaurants terminals all been chip and pin. Some merchants are reluctant to accept cards at all for lower value items. One supermarket has a RM100 limit £18.60 on cards; a RM50 limit is common. Many small traders and roadside restaurants don’t accept any cards.

As I can’t use the card everywhere I am withdrawing cash using my Halifax Clarity Card as I wish to preserve my £3k Monzo annual cash withdrawals for travel later in the year in more 3rd world countries. When Monzo become a full bank this won’t be a consideration.


Used my card at a restaurant that had a Maybank terminal.

The PIN was not accepted, Malaysian PINs are 6 digit and tansaction was voided.

On the cashire’s advice tried prefixing PIN with 00, this resulted in incorrect error message, The transaction was again voided.

The card was then insertef into the terminal and entry selected, the transaction then completed without any PIN entry!

Receipt shows"Chip Entry no signature required" The tranaction appeared on the app immediately.

Something similar has happened on smaller value tranaction when contactless did not work, card was inserted into reader and tranaction was processed as if it was contactless.

Will report this to customer service in case there is a problem


This is poor firmware when it is hard coded to a specific length as it should accept 4, 5 or 6 digits with no problem (as these are the most common card PIN lengths in the world - though latest specs will permit longer) and I have seen similar problem in UK where a tourist was trying to enter their 5 digit PIN in a small shop but the old terminal they had would only take 4 digit PINs.

Tried to withdraw from ATM at Affin Bank but the ATM timed out after I entered the pin number. No problems withdrawing at Standard Chartered bank ATM though.

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Malaysian here! Just withdrawn MYR 120 at KLIA’s Maybank ATM on 7 June just before pound fell against Malaysian ringgit. No problem with 4 digit PIN, withdrawal without conversion cost me £21.78 (0.1%) while with conversion £22.69 (4%).

Hi me too, I’ve uset for pay everything or withdraw money for different ATM!! All good working perfectly

Barely any problems in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the past two months. ATMs, contactless and chip & pin work fine.

The ATMs at Hong Leong Bank don’t like the card sometimes but I suspect it’s issues at their end.

Also topping up via app for Maxis Hotlink phone credit has issues where they say the transaction failed but the payment is taken. l had to contact customer service for a refund twice (which Monzo responded almost instantly and credited the amounts back straight away)

Super impressed with the Monzo card in general, well done to the whole team :smile:


So far has been absolutely fantastic, however I’ve found a problem authenticating the card with ride sharing app “Grab”.
Otherwise, I think the best way to manage my money!


Can you share more details please? This might be really beneficial for other users. Did you manage to get it authorised in the end?

We know that Uber is a bit of a hit and miss.

I can’t really tell if it’s applicable to Grab, but there were cases where prepaid card type was an issue for some merchants, sometimes additionally combined with attempt to make offline transaction. Knowing what problems happened with ‘Grab’, can help us write better Wiki info for Malaysia in the future! :smiley:

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Well authenticating uber had no problem whatsoever with me. Regarding Grab, during the authentication process I would receive a notification from Monzo saying the test transaction had occurred successfully. However Grab would then show an error message and the whole process would cancel without the card being added.IMG_2729

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Yeah, I got the same rejection with Grab too

Just checked and 1RM got debited and then credited back straight away when Grab failed the transaction. I tried again and the same thing happened.

Contacted Grab regarding the issue and the problem was 3D secure authentication which isn’t present in the Monzo card. Tried adding Barclays card, no problem at all. Perhaps when the full account is launched to all, there will be no problem to Monzo as well :rocket: cc: @Avishai

@EpX There’s one online platform I’ve known so far which you can top up your Malaysian SIM card - it’s named Lazada. Been using it with my Malaysian friend’s number (he also got Monzo and is a student based in Manchester), no problem.

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@wanamirul767 Current accounts will have 3D secure (no details on ‘when’ though), payments to Grab should no longer be a problem. Thanks for additional info, I really appreciate it :sunglasses:, knowing the cause will help us help other users and write our Wiki pages.

Good stuff, cheers :slight_smile:

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I just tried a Maxis top up via Lazada and it didn’t like the transaction because the name on the card field is mandatory maybe?


I tried different variations of my name but no attempt went through. Is there a standard way of entering your name given the Monzo card doesn’t have one printed on it I was wondering?

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If I recall correctly, users in the developer’s Slack have reported that merchants usually don’t check the name that they enter on payment forms so I’d be surprised if your name was the issue. Either way, I’d recommend contacting the support team via the in-app chat, to ask them to look into this.

It would be great to hear what their answer is :raised_hands:

Official guidelines are to use same name as in Monzo:

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Wait you know what? Our Malaysian debit cards don’t have names at all on it - yet we just put our full legal name - those are run on MasterCard or Visa, plus local debit card payment clearing system (MyDebit - think of Australia’s EFTPOS). Might consider entering your name as per Monzo’s database?

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