Monzo in Hong Kong SAR, China 🇭🇰 [Discussion]

It’s working absolutely perfectly :slight_smile:
They will need either your PIN and/or signature but either way will update your app with the purchase immediately.

Update: Monzo has been unhappy with HSBC ATM cash withdrawal


Just got back from HK, unlike Shenzhen just across the border, my Monzo card kept getting declined (the app told me a wrong pin was entered but that was not true). Spoke to the Monzo customer support and basically the mag stripe is disabled by default due to security concerns but they can re-enable it for 24 hours if you ask them. So did that and it worked fine and I was able to withdraw money without a problem.


Hey! If you use it in shops/ATM’s with your chip does this work ok or is magnetic strip a thing that is a must out there?

Hi everyone! Has anyone used their monzo card in the Apple Store in Hong Kong?


Travelling to HKG and Macau soon. Apart from Citibank, anyone know any reliable ATM’s that don’t charge a fee?

You will also find an entry for Macau at

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I am potentially spending an extended period in HKG starting August. At this stage, is Monzo at least stable enough for me to avoid buying a large amount of HKD from Travelex until I can open a bank account? I’m guessing a local bank account is advisable given your problems with Visa/Mastercard…

What problems with Visa? Monzo only use MasterCard

I’m afraid Monzo is still in beta so you always carry a back up card.

You can check their Status page to get a sense of how frequently issues occur -

People talking about anything other than UnionPay being an issue in the China thread, my bank cards are all Visa :slight_smile:

Will definitely be taking a separate cash card too as a minimum, especially if Monzo hasn’t left beta

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I’ve never had an issue in HK using Visa or Mastercard to pay for everything from expensive toys to a coffee… even paid for a hotel using a caxton fx card, so prepaid m/card work fine,…

Most stores have separate machines for union pay and western card schemes, and you sometime have to get them to try it as a credit card or debit dependent on the store :slight_smile:

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Was in Hong Kong last week, only used card for chip and pin transactions. No issues faced at all.

Been in Hong Kong since November, no issues at all paying for things with card or withdrawing cash from any of the different banks here

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Here is my experience as a Monzo user in Hong Kong for the past few days:

  • I was not charged when I was using ATMs that belong to the HSBC/Hang Seng network (which comprises probably the majority of the ATMs in the city. They are everywhere).
  • Quite a number of shops DO NOT accept Mastercard, so it is useful to get some cash from Monzo before getting into the city. There is an HSBC ATM in the arrival hall of the airport, which should not charge.
  • A payment in Hong Kong Dollar I did on my Monzo card was converted at a less favourable rate because the merchant charged in GBP when I was not aware. Therefore, ALWAYS ask to be charged in HKD on your Monzo card or pay in cash.

I will stay in HK till next Tuesday. Find me for a drink if you are in town too :tropical_drink:



confirmed, unhappy with HSBC, rejected!

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Citibank and Hang Seng worked perfectly for cash/ATM. Contactless was gorgeous indeed everywhere, had to sign a couple of times. all the rest great use of the card! Also deny to be charged in GBP. Avoid Dynamic pricing and always pay in foreign currency. I am not sure I can add my Monzo Card to ApplePay, which also worked amazingly in HKG!

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You can’t yet unfortunately but they’re on the way :slight_smile:


  • Card usage: It may also be handy to get an ‘Octopus’ card to pay for public transportation in the city, as debit or credit cards are not accepted there. It works similarly to London’s oyster card. You may get one in the airport before you head to the city.
  • Card usage: You may be asked to sign your name after the transaction is processed.
  • ATMs: ATMs of Hang Seng Bank are also fee-free.

Will give more suggestions later!


More on the Octopus card - its uses extend beyond public transport, one can use it to pay for items in supermarkets and convenience stores.