What name to enter when making an online purchase?

(Tristan Thomas) #1

A few people have asked this over the in-app support chat - when you’re using your Mondo card online and it asks for your name, you should enter the name you registered with when you signed up through the Mondo app :slight_smile: Although it’s not printed on the card, it is registered to you on the backend systems. The same goes for billing address. Shout if you have any questions! :credit_card: :computer:

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(Asher) #2

Can we change our registered name?

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Hey @asherkin, what/why are you looking to change it? We store your ‘legal name’ for things like ID checks and matching it to your card for online purchases but in the future we will probably also have the option for a ‘nickname’ or preferred name for things like P2P payments etc :slight_smile: The second one you would be able to easily change for sure.

(Asher) #4

‘Legal name’ - I’m not particularly fussed personally, but my current cards use first initial rather than first name, and it wasn’t clear what the name was going to be used for during sign up (that’s more my feedback than anything).

It was awesome to meet you guys last night, didn’t get to chat with everyone unfortunately but you seem like a great team!

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Interesting, thank you! We can probably be clearer about that part and once we have nicknames, that should help :slight_smile:

(Ben) #6

So far I’ve used “Ben” and it’s gone through. I haven’t tried anything more ambitious (e.g. “Mickey Mouse”) :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #7

Yep, lots of merchants don’t check your name!

(Chris Dee) #8

I don’t want to change my name but hehem I want to know what my name is!! (ie whether I’ve used my middle name or initial, my short Christian name or the longer version). Is there somewhere that my name appears?

(Tristan Thomas) #9

Not right now - there will be a ‘profile’ page where you can see that :slight_smile: In the meantime, we can check via customer support if you’d like us to

(daniel.blears) #10

Just on a similar theme I paid my Barclaycard online this morning just to test the card online. Because it recognised the card as a MasterCard it insisted on either a issue number or ‘start date’.

I put in a start date of 2/16 and the transaction went through with no problems.
Probably worth mentioning to others who haven’t shopped online yet though. :blush:

(Chris Dee) #11

Thanks. Ever conscious of feature drift and the wonderfully elegant design, rather than having a profile page why not just include the “name” on the mocked-up card image on the ‘my card’ page. Even if this was a temporary fix before launching a profile page.


Things become even more complicated when you have a hyphenated surname, which causes some payment systems to have a hissing fit when using some of the most widely used credit and debit cards! It took me a couple of attempts tonight to get Intercontinental hotels group to recognise my Monzo card when reserving a room.