🇲🇾 Monzo in Malaysia [Discussion]

I used Monzo in Zanzero restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. The Bill was in Malaysia ringgit but the card receipt was in £. The restaurant claims it does not convert to foreign currency and I did not accept any conversion on the card terminal. The rate given was very poor - 4.85 to £ versus 5.46 spot. This has not happened anywhere else in KL. Has anyone else had a similar problem.

Last year a clothing shop on the Langkawi used DCC, this year I paid in cash. Otherwise during ky 7 weeks in Malaysia there was not a problem. Though there was often a RM50 limit in some shops and many of the local, rather than international restaurants have only tske cash.

Hey there, can you tell me What is the minimum I can withdraw ? Thanks.

Is Monzo accepted on most ATM without any fees? Is the issues with using Grab also resolved?

I use Grab no problem in Malaysia and Singapore. Come to think of it though I might have had to use cash with grab I can’t remember now it’s been a while.

ATM’s I wasn’t ever charged by the ATM however my Monzo card was cloned or copied whatever so watch yourself. I’m normally fairly vigilant but had about 5 or 6 attempted mag stripe withdrawals which luckily were turned off. Most ATMs needed magstripe turning on though so something to watch out for.

I tend to use the banks own ATMs they’re mostly 24/7 in the brances in a separate open all hours area with a guard depending where you are so it feels a bit more secure.

Do they use chip and pin at any of the ATM or is it all magstripe?

I’ll probably withdraw cash at the Airport when I arrive, any recommended banks?

HSBC, Citi, Maybank, Hong Leong, CIMB all good. Maybank is seemingly everywhere.

I remember most of them being swipe - some of them ask for a 6 digit PIN as well but you can put 00 at the end of your PIN if it does ask for it.

Hello, I will be travelling to Malaysia 27th December. Just wondering are all the above free to withdraw cash ? Regards Lewis

I didn’t try all of them but I haven’t been charged. You’ll be warned explicitly if there’s a charge involved though. Just always choose to be charged in MYR not £

Thanks a lot. I assume there are some of these at the airport as i think we’ll withdraw as soon as we arrive.

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I used Monzo all over Kuala Lumpur in October 2017 without a problem. All ATMs accepted it without charge. I’m going again in a couple of weeks, and hoping it’ll be the same in Penang and Langkawi.

There are some ATMs in Langkawi and I think Penang that charge. I always use Maybank that do not ot charge but watch out for DCC.

Chenang has a Maybank branch in the Mall as well as an ATM outside the Duty free shop next to Underwater World.

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Noted that the DCC rate shown on the May bank ATM earlier today worked out at RM 5 = £1 as opposed to the RM 5.236 =£1 that I received having refused DCC. A nuce little earner for the bank frpm the unwary.

Of course with the Brexit effect might have been sensible to have fixed the rate before the vote and aftermath.

It’s MYR 10.

Travelled to Malaysia - tried to use Monzo on board KLM but it was not accepted. Tried to use Monzo in a clothing shop but it was not accepted. Will try to see if I can withdraw cash later.

That’s weird, I used it in Malaysia and it worked in most places . I am from Malaysia - whenever I go back I use monzo all the time. Try by turning the mag stripe on. It might do the tricks .

Emirates also would not take Monza, wanted a credit card. Only problem in Malaysia (KL and Langkaei) was with old terminal that was not set up correctly to take a 4 digit pin.

That 4 digit pin isn’t an old terminal issue - its just in Asia they use more secure 6 digit PINs, adding 00 to the end normally works fine.

I used Monzo in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Langkawi. Some small shops wouldn’t accept any cards, but this wasn’t the norm.

Be careful with ATMs, my card got cloned in Malaysia but otherwise acceptance was good.