🇬🇷 Monzo in Greece [Discussion]

Santorini :roll_eyes:

I have just returned from Thessaloniki. I have used the contactless service successfully at a coffee shop (Mikel), super market (AB) and also the “POS insert card & pin” service at Intersport to buy a pair of shoes. It worked like a charm. The exchange rate was very good as well. I have not tried inserting the card into an ATM to withdraw money as I am quite worried about that, due to previous issues reported by other users in the past. Have you guys used the ATM withdraw service recently? If yes, may I ask under which Greek banks?

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Hi! I’m heading to Halkidiki this week just wondering if anyone has any experience using monzo there??

You will be fine!
All places take card in Greece now.

Hey everyone, has anyone been to Mykonos? I wonderful if that would be ok to use Monzo? It’s seems Santorini can be a bit funny, so worry Mykonos might be the same?

Went there a few months back and it was fine, accepted in 9/10 places no problem. Was expensive though! It’s a very lovely place. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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used my Monzo for a week in Mykonos last week - no issues at all, accepted everywhere (although with chip and pin rather than contactless)

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Thank you so much for both of your replies that’s really helpful! :grinning:

Hi there,I’m currently in Faliraki in Rhodes and I have tried 3 atm’s and they all charge money for lifting your cash.I used a Eurobank on Sunday and after declining the DCC rate of 1.03
I was charged €4 :open_mouth:
Does anyone know who doesn’t charge or who charges the least?
I know Alphabank charges €2.50.

I couldn’t find any free to use ATMs over the summer in Santorini.
I have read somewhere that all overseas cards have to have a fee applied to ATM withdrawals in Greece.

From last year, but still relevant

Apparently it’s to pay for the “upkeep of the network”