🇬🇷 Monzo in Greece [Discussion]

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Which part of Greece specifically? The touristy areas would probably accept card except at smaller stores, especially in restaurants. There are lots of ATMs around too.


Hi All,

This is my first post on Monzo community
I can confirm the following that may help the community
@MrArkadin and @jackmicklethwaite are 100% into the point.
Let me give you a small brief :
I have born and raised in Zante (yes this party island: sunglasses:)
last 3 years work in London, of course, I am a Monzo User
All the previous summers obviously I was going back home (zante and withdraw money from ATM) and
of course i am avoiding the DCC ( Dynamic currency conversion)
But this summer everything changed the Greek Banks start charging a fee for the transaction if you avoid the DCC

National Bank of Greece ** 2 EUR Fee**
Piraeus Bank ATM 3 EUR Fee
Eurobank ATM 2.50 EUR Fee
Alpha Bank ATMs **no fee ** as @MrArkadin says its just a matter of time


My suggestion is people try to avoid the packages tourism.
Package tourist worth for a place or a country that you feel unsafe (under my humble opinion)
Zante is a very welcome place( don’t forget with packages everyone is getting commision )
Hope that helps…


@Chimpofdoom you have valid points on your zante tips.

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Hi sorry thought I’d said lol… kefalonia, skala… thank you

(Adam Kendrew) #107

The card machines in Crete are sneaky. They type in the amount in € and then ask you for your pin, once approved it then goes to a final screen and asks the merchant if to pay using £ or €. With £ being the default option.

Most of the ATM’s now charge a €2.95 transaction fee too, regardless of if you decide to use DCC or withdraw in the local currency. We saved around £20 on a withdrawal of €180 vs. their rate (which was around £1 to €1 :flushed:).

(Reece Bennett) #108

In Alykes, Zante at the moment. There is still an Alpha bank ATM that is free to use but as others as said, Eurobank and Piraeus are charging a fee of €3 even if you decline DCC. On one day the Alpha bank ATM ran out of cash but was restocked the next day.

Have not tried to use POS much, have been declined at one bar and successful at a supermarket so I think it is still hit or miss here.

(Matthew Jones) #109

Just accidentally chose DCC on the alpha bank cash machine and just lost myself £1.40 :weary:

Other than that no issues on holiday, everywhere has charged in euros and only one place asked for cash over card.