Monzo in Croatia 🇭🇷 [Discussion]

Can you use monzo in Croatia?

The card should be accepted wherever MasterCard is, however it may not be accepted in automated petrol/diesel pumps, car rental or for hotel deposits.

Please note you need to be a fully verified card holder to use your Monzo card in ATMs abroad and you may need to activate magstrip capability to use some makes/models of ATM. Customer service can confirm if you are verified and can arrange to turn on magstrip use. If you have an iPhone rather than Android you may be able to do all this from within the app.

On a different note: When Monzo converts to current accounts it should be noted that not all Croatian banks are part of the SEPA payments network.


Going away with friends in couple weeks to Dubrovnik and responsible for kitty on this card so be good to know if we are likely to encounter any issues…

Make sure you have verified your account with Monzo so that you can use your card abroad (You can ask customer support if not and they will help you out with it). Then make sure to carry some cash on you just incase your card does get declined (Be aware of your cash withdrawal limits on your card if you are using an ATM with your Monzo card). But other than that you are good to go!


As long as you always have a backup card for now you’ll be fine.

Enjoy Croatia!

Just returned from Dubrovnik, Monzo card taken at all the restaurants/bars we frequented. Bought the Old City walls tour tickets with my Monzo card. ATM’s a plenty and banks as well all accepting Monzo card


I’m going to Croatia next month (Split and Dubrovnik). Do you have recommendations for must-see places/ eats?

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The old town is a must see, walk around the walls and visit the cathedral and St Ignacious church the high altar is amazing.

Cable car is a 5 min ride to the top, restaurant dies a great steak sandwich!

We found Hotel More - has a cave bar and sea views good place for a cocktail watching the sunset

Lots of places to eat, prices in old town are higher than elsewhere, walk up the many narrow streets to find craft beer bars, fish restaurants etc, main street old town was very expensive to eat, 2 hot chocolates cost 80kn = £10

Have a great trip!


Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll try to get a pic with my monzo card when I’m there.

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I visited Split in May. No problems using the card anywhere in bars/restaurants and tour booking places. Exchange rates given were the best at 8.82 / £.

Also loved the option to type in notes so I could remember what I spent and how much. Love this card!

Will be testing it in Dubai in June too :smile:


I am going to Croatia next week and planning to use my monzo card, did you have any issues anywhere? :slight_smile: Thanks

@invisation I only get to Croatia on Friday since I’m in Germany, but I’ll keep you updated! I don’t imagine there should be any issue but I keep thinking they use Euros. Will need to spend all my cash in Munich before I go.

Went on a speedboat trip around a couple of islands from Split today- do I get bonus points for taking a picture on a bumpy speedboat? I nearly dropped it into the sea for this shot.

The Americans behind me were very amused. “You like to live dangerously, huh?” one remarked :joy: they also liked how bright the card was. Of course I gushed about how cool and convenient Monzo was after that :joy:

The waves were huge, it was like a rollercoaster for two hours in total! I tried adding a video but can’t do it on here :cry: still, the view was worth it :raised_hands:t3: it’s not peak tourist season yet so it isn’t that bad atm. If you have the chance, get a boat to one of the islands- there are thousands in Croatia!

The card worked well with every bank’s ATM. I’ve not tried using it in any stores, and even restaurants prefer cash (KN). A lot of people make the mistake of bringing euros.


Thank you very much, I am going on Saturday! Beyond excited, I will most likely just get the cash out as I go, are there plenty of cash machines? We are driving up the coast, wondering whether the card will work in petrol stations over there

I’ve not tried it in petrol stations, but I was greatly surprised at how many ATMs there were, especially in Split. I was in Trogir in a deserted side street and got cash out with no charge or issue. If you eat in restaurants they don’t seem to take card at all even in touristy spots- each waiter takes out a wallet and gives you change from it! It was bizarre to me because I just got used to it being taken from a cash register etc.

I tried using it in BILLA (one of the larger supermarkets) and they don’t seem to take card, so the only time I used Monzo was to get cash out at ATMs. I think the minimum you can get out with most machines is 100KN (~£10)


So I have just got back from a mini road trip from Dubrovnik-Split-Zadar, my girlfriend and I have both got Monzo cards, I haven’t used much in the UK but the no fees abroad were too good to pass up.

I used it all week and had no problems anywhere, I used it to get cash, pay for drinks in bars, food in restaurants, petrol in petrol stations and even deposits for excursions. All at the very best rate, the app was brilliant. And now merged with the free EU roaming, I got all the notifications instantly etc. Using the to split the bill, and keep track of our money was so easy.

I loved it so much, I am no planning to use this as my spending card back here in the UK. Thanks Monzo! Can’t wait for the current accounts.


so you think it’s totally more convenient than exchanging cash or using your UK bank card? I’m trying to understand how the Monzo company makes money if there’s no fees or anything charged.
I’m quite skeptical just because it’s quite new and there isn’t much information around the card being used abroad!

Any comment is appreciated :slight_smile:

Here’s the info on that -

if you have any questions, please let us know there :slight_smile:

I’ve just got back from Hideout festival in Pag, Croatia. In Novalja there is no problem with using your Monzo card. Just be careful at the cash machines, the exchange rate is brutal! When it asks you to accept or decline the exchange rate, apparently if you decline, you’ll still get your money but you won’t lose as much. I didn’t know this and I lost £8 in the exchange!
While you’re out there, try the melon ice cream, it’s divine!

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Monzo is intermittent in Croatia

Monzo support does not know what the problem is

Me and my friend and both on Monzo and are sometimes unable to use Monzo, be careful everyone!