Monzo in China?

I am a student living in London, my next year of Uni is in China, where I will need a Chinese bank account for my expenses throughout the year (rent, phone bills, etc). I was wondering if anyone has ever used Monzo for International bank transfers on a regular basis? I tried to look it up on the app but I couldn’t really find much about it, so I’m not even sure I can actually send money from Monzo to a Chinese bank account without using third parties apps (i.e. Transferwise). If anyone knows anything about this and if it’s safe, please let me know, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you in advance

You’d need to use transferwise if you wanted to keep monzo as your account when you’re in china

If you’re transferring money from Monzo, it should be an issue (presuming Chinese currency is supported), but if you are doing it on a regular basis, I’d use another service (like Transferwise), otherwise you’ll need to keep inputting the account details every time.