Transferring money from Monzo to foreign bank account

I have a CommonwealthBank account (Australian), and I was wondering what the charge is to send money from my Monzo account into my Australian account.
Any advice would be appreciated!!

If you go through the in app process to make the transfer, you’ll be told the charges before you send the money.

I kinda worded this wrong, sorry! I don’t currently have a Monzo account, I’m looking into getting one, depending on how much it costs to transfer money to my Aus account!

Ah. Monzo uses TransferWise, so the rate will be comparable to their rate.

Without going through the process, I can’t give you a meaningful answer, as the total amount depends also on what rate you get. This differs between banks.

As of right now (I just went through the process but without sending anything) £1000 would end up as 1764 AUD which includes a fee of £3.96. Hope that helps!