International transfer to Monzo account

hello all
Im staying in hong kong.
I am considering setting up a new monzo account , and wiring money from local bank to the new monzo account .

I wonder, does it charge the same as transferwise?

You cannot set up a Monzo account without being a UK resident and opening it within the UK. The app will detect either your Hong Kong IP address or your VPN’s IP address which will probably be blacklisted and reject you from applying. By law it will remember your details for 6 years and no one know when they would unlock the app again for you to try again.

International bank transfers are not officially supported in Monzo right now so if something goes wrong, Monzo will try and help but they are not liable to actually find the money.

That being said, I have successfully transferred directly to Monzo internationally.

Monzo, and other customers here, recommend using Transferwise to get money across internationally into Monzo. Beware sending large amounts of money to Monzo in one go as it can trigger UK anti-money laundering regulations and that would result in a freezng of your account until you can prove where your money came from (i.e. payslips, bank statement, home sale statements etc.).

Whilst they might not be popular in Hong Kong right now (due to their stance on the recent laws), using an international bank such as HSBC to open a Hong Kong HSBC account and then a UK HSBC account might be the best way to go. Then when you are in the UK open a Monzo account and transfer from HSBC UK to Monzo.

If you’re from HK you probably already have a HSBC account - just go into your local branch and with your HKID and address proofs and they’ll be able to start the process of opening a UK account for you. It takes about 2 weeks.

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