How can I send fund to Alipay via monzo?


Just wondering will I be able to send or top up money via monzo into Alipay wallet ?

From the looks of it it’s chinese so you’d need a transferwise account to transfer money to it.

Yes, you can without issue.

Make sure when you download Alipay you select International region and not Mainland China. Then you’ll be able to add RMB to your Alipay account using your Monzo card within the Alipay app. Keep in mind you’ll need to verify your identity and it’s a temporary service - it’s not designed to be used permanently.

If you’re a Chinese national you cannot use this option and you’ll instead need to use Transferwise, a similar service or another bank to send money directly to a Chinese bank account.

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hou we can du

Hi thank you for your thorough explanation!

I am not a Chinese national but I was wondering when you said using transferwise and send it to Chinese bank account, do you refer Chinese bank account to Alipay ? Also, how do I be able to link between monzo and transferwise as I thought monzo can already send money overseas including Chinese bank account ?
(I don’t have a Chinese bank account I only have Alipay that I’ve downloaded recently)

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you don’t have a Chinese bank account you can’t use standard Alipay. When you install it and select the international version when signing up - after verifying you’ll be able to top up your Alipay account using any Mastercard (i.e Monzo’s) or Visa debit card. Be aware that it’s designed for temporary use whilst travelling and the accounts may even have an expiry date attached to them.

You will not be able to send money to your Alipay account using Transferwise as it’s not a bank account.

What exactly are you wanting to use Alipay for anyway? There might be some different recommendations I or someone else could make if it was clear.

I am trying to send funds from monzo to Alipay so I can purchase on Chinese website as I would hope this is long term without me having to wire transfer to the sellers etc
Do you have any solution how I can achieve that?

Many thanks :wink:

That’s not an allowable use. Without a bank account you can’t use Alipay in this way.

Bank transfer is going to be the most reasonable solution for this unless you get yourself a Chinese bank account.

Got it! Thanks!
As I will be able to transfer from monzo to a Chinese bank account?(and top up on Alipay?)

Yes - but keep in mind you’re not going to be able to transfer any money in China back out of China (at all).

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