Monzo in Chile 🇨🇱


I have successfully used Monzo to take out cash at three different ATMs here with no charges (Scotia Bank, Corpbanca and Banco BBVA).

Banco de Chile, Santander, BCI, Banco Estado all charge a fee.

I’ve yet to try out the card in shops but as soon as I do, I will update.

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If Corpbanca doesn’t charge a fee, is very likely that Itau won’t charge a fee as well. (Same bank, different names).
Some Shops still uses Old POS (Jumbo, the big supermarket chain there), and Chip and PIN is useless (at least it was last August), so you have to sign, and also your card must match any form of ID. Have you got any issue with this?.
I’m going to Chile next month as well, so more feedback would be interesting.

PS: Try Banco Falabella ATM. Those won’t charge fees.

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I haven’t had any issues using the card in shops. I’ve never had anyone question me about it not having a name, nor have I ever been asked for ID. It’s pretty lax here when it comes those things.

Chip and Pin is prevalent throughout Chile (I’ve been living here for several years now). The only issue I’ve had is that in some small towns cash is still king. However, you are not too far away from an ATM (but only CLP200,000 limit allowed each day max). And remember you can only take out £1000 per 30 days, but that’s due to Monzo, not any limits by the banks here.

Lider, Santa Isabel, Tottus, Jumbo (the big four supermarkets) all use chip and pin now, and surprisingly Contactless in some stores, but strangely after you tap on the reader to pay it asks for your pin. So not really contactless in my opinion.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for your reply.
Back in August, I used my revolut in Santa Isabel, and worked fine. Jumbo they had old POS so Signing was the only option back then.
Went to this local pharmacy, and my card didn’t work at all!
Hopefully now is different. I still got some cards as backup. Supercard by Travelex, Curve (just 1% abroad) and Monese (0.5% abroad). Also Nationwide with no fees abroad (Cash Point)

Just in case you missed this, Monzo doesn’t charge any fees for transactions / withdrawals abroad at all :slight_smile:


I just had a look at Monese and it looks great!



Yeah I know. But it’s always wise to have a backup plan :smile:

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I’ve got updates!
I’m impressed with the amount of places that Won’t take card payments, even when they do have the POS, they claim that is not working and blablabla, so I had to Take £50 yesterday.
I walked around the City Centre (Santiago) and the only Bank who didn’t charge me a fee was BBVA. All of the others were charging me between £6.25 and £7.5, totally crazy!!.
Banco Falabella doesn’t support Foreign cards, so don’t even try to use it. (I did and the ATM got frozen for 5 min, with my card inside, and I was freaking out, eventually it returned the card.)
Also, When using the card, you have to select ‘credit’ instead of debit, and ‘sin cuotas’. Contactless requires PIN as well, despite the amount.

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I’d like to add my experiences to this thread. Good to know about BBVA not charging for withdrawals, I’m currently in Santiago so I’ll have to hunt one down.

In general, my card has not worked in Chile. I seem to be able to withdraw cash from most ATMs so that’s good (but they do charge a small fortune). It has also worked in most larger supermarkets. Unfortunately everywhere else I’ve tried it, it has failed with the exception of one small restaurant in Southern Chile! Make sure you have a spare card and cash on you.

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I’ve noticed that old wired POS work just fine. Wireless ones, don’t.
But It’s not a Monzo issue, I think it’s a Prepaid card issue.
Monzo, Supercard, both Declined. The only one that’s been working like a charm (Even though is prepaid) is Loot.

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Really interesting to read your experiences. I’m currently in a city called Concepción and I have to say, I haven’t had any issues with the card whatsoever. I’ve used it in shops, restaurants and atms.

You don’t get charged a fee if you take money out from BBVA, Scotiabank, Corbanca. So if you can, search these cash machines out. My monthly atm limit was recently increased to £2000 which was great and the daily withdrawal limit was increased to £400. But remember you can only take out CLP200.000 per day from banks - which works out to be around £250. (Check the mastercard exchange rate for latest rates)


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This is my last week in Chile (The South) and sadly, BBVA is no longer free.
They charge £5.2 for each cash withdrawal.
So, all of the banks are charging in order to use their Cash Points.

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Banco Estado (historically a Government backed bank) only accept MasterCard branded cards in their ATMs. They do not accept Visa cards.

Have used Monzo today at a Scotiabank in Santiago without any charges. A lot of places take card, so we have avoided taking money out too often while we’ve been here!

Just thought I’d update this thread a little :blush:

When using the card in some shops, you may need to select “tarjeta de credito” (credit card) for the transaction to go through. Some payment terminals don’t accept the Monzo card as a debit card but do as a credit card :+1:t4:

Do you know the best remaining option?

Been there last December and situation was pretty much the same.
Apparently, Banco Security and Banco Internacional won’t charge any fees.
Can’t say whether is true or not, because I ended up sending some Pounds to Chilean Peso via Transferwise

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Hi there,

I have been in Chile for around a week and using Monzo, with relative ease, to take money from ATMs (even though there is a huge charge per transaction. Although any time I have tried to use contactless or a card machine in a shop it has declined.

Would anyone know the reason for this? I thought it was the magstripe but it hasn’t changed anything when enabled or disabled.


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Thanks both of you.

The contactless issue - do other contactless cards work?

John - do you know which ATMs charged the least and can you confirm that Banco Security and Banco Internacional won’t charge any fees?

Both of you - do you know what sort of rates I’d get if I brought USD instead to exchange in order to avoid ATM fees?

Apparently Santander Zero debit and credit cards also have zero fees.