🇲🇺 Monzo in Mauritius

I am planning a trip to Mauritius, and I was wondering whether my Mondo card would work there. Although travel websites say that MasterCard ATMs are widespread, I cannot find it listed on the MasterCard exchange rate list here. Is Mondo the best way of getting cash, or should I bring GBP/USD and change it there?

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I don’t have experience in Mauritius but I would also take some cash as backup. Generally the Mondo card has been very reliable abroad although some countries are better than others obviously. I currently using mine abroad and getting a much better exchange rate than anywhere else.

Hey @xsanda, it should work if there are MasterCard ATMs there but no guarantees – I’m not sure if anyone on the forum here has been to Mauritius yet… :slight_smile:

Happy for you to send me on a fact finding mission.

Heading there in 5 weeks, and taking my Monzo card with me. Will report back :sunglasses:

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Just came back from Mauritius, used the card in both ATMs and in hotels. No problems at all.


Will the card work OK in Mauritius.

I’ve moved your post here, judging by the feedback from other users, it looks promising :tada:


I was unsuccessful at both withdrawing cash at a MasterCard ATM and paying in the Spar with my Monzo in Mauritius.

we were there last month, used it for payments in a hotel and some shops, worked with no problems.


Currently in Mauritius. It seems at SBM (state bank of Mauritius) don’t recognise the four digit identifier for Monzo so their cash points and POS services reject transactions.

It seems SBM provide POS for most of the major supermarkets we’ve used so can’t use my Monzo.

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MBC) and MAUBank ATM and PDQ machines seem to work with Monzo.

hi guys, any updates regarding this? Can someone else share their recent experience?

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Hey. I’m currently in Mauritius and have been using my card to withdraw cash and at POS (both contactless and chip & PIN) without any issues. Remember to pay in local currency!

Just remember to allow Magstripe ATMs (just in case!?)


@JuniorZero Thanks for the update. I’m due to fly out to Mauritius on honeymoon in September and would ideally like to use my Monzo out there to avoid carrying multiple cards and unnecessary amounts of cash.

Congrats! That’s awesome! I would carry cash for taxi’s (which are expensive!!)

You’re going to have the best time. It’s paradise.

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@JuniorZero Oh thanks for the tip. I’m not much of a taxi user in the UK so would probably not have thought of that :slight_smile:

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