Monzo identifying the wrong country I’m in

For the past week I’ve been in France. I’ve been getting confusing messages from Monzo pretty much every day.

I’ve been getting Welcome to the USA followed by Welcome to France. The information is useful provided it’s for the right country.

Do you have a VPN or similar active on your phone at all?

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Is it? How many in flight drinks did you have? :grin:

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None. Eurostar for me. :grin:

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Yes, I have a VPN on my phone. Monzo has permission to always have my precise location.

It’s where the merchant has decided to register itself with its Payments company. I think all of Eurostars terminals are linked to Paris.

Not sure that’d cause it to flag up as USA though.

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I haven’t used my card and so that can’t be the reason.

Does it do it when your vpn is turned off completely?

It doesn’t matter if the VPN is on or off.

What location is your VPN displaying when it’s activated.

If it’s the USA then that’s your reason.


I’m not sure, I always use a VPN on my phone and it’s rarely U.K. based but Monzo never thinks I’m in a different country, which makes me feel they aren’t doing this off server / IP location

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I switched the VPN off and I still got double messages. Monzo has permission to use my precise location and so I don’t see how a VPN, which is uk based, could change that.


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