Location based security / authorisation

I have location based security enabled under settings, so If I leave my phone at home and use my Monzo card at a retail shop will the transaction still be accepted?

I don’t think it’s quite that strict :sweat_smile: from what I’ve read in the past, it’s more for transactions made abroad - if the monzo app saw your location as London and a transaction was made in Spain two minutes later, presumably it would then flag up.

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In the same breath, if your phone was seen at an airport and then a transaction appeared abroad in about the time it would take to fly there, I would imagine that too would go through fine.

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On the subject of location does anyone know why Google insists on getting my accurate location every time I use Google pay, I blocked pay using my location but guess what the Google play services app just requests it then, and you can’t stop that unless you turn off location altogether, which means I wouldn’t be able to track my phone if I lost it etc.

But it would explain why the Google pay app has better merchant location marking than Monzo.

Does Monzo request an accurate location or just really rough one to save battery , kind of like the big blue circle you see sometimes when just opening maps.

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I believe Monzo app doesn’t track users or gets location when we use cards. Monzo displays location information based on the transaction data they get from Mastercard and users can also correct location in the app.
I think if you’re on iOS and have location security enabled that’s when Monzo will check your location data to determine if card is lost/stolen. Not too sure how that works though.

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