Hide Pot Transfers from Left to Spend

(David Perry) #1

I’m currently in a situation where I need some money from pots in my current account so it is there when a certain transaction is made however because i currently see it as money left to spend it is difficult not to spend this money by accident. If I could select this pot transfer to be hidden from my summary I would see a left to spend that is more relevant to me i.e only spending the money that was in my current account before I transferred from the pot hence keeping the added money safe. What do we think?


Hi David. I think this is quite a popular request. You might in interested in this thead…


The summary should only be showing what is available in your main balance. :thinking:

(David Perry) #4

You’re right it does, what I’m asking to be able to do is hide any transfers from pots from the summary page and left to spend amount so that you won’t spend it unintentionally on something different than that money was intended for.