Monzo giving two months’ notice of account closures

My advice would be to CASS out to another account before the 2 months is up.

Guessing this would be possible even with the account being closed by monzo in 2 months as it closes the account.


Could we get this marked as the solution? This answers their query as best as any of us here would be able to. For specifics they’d need to contact Monzo directly.


Might be worth checking your credit files with the credit agencies to see if there is anything odd-looking there you were unaware of. Maybe they think you’ve given them some false information for some reason?


well barring the messages ive sent today to ask for more information on this matter i havent spoken to them for months and never in an abusive way- so cant be the last one.

information wise i applied for my account with them back in 2018 and other than a change of address i did in jan 2020 nothing has changed and i havent told them any changes either

ive never even been in trouble with the law and the only incoming transfers ive had is in regards to my wage

only thing it could be then is the 1st one- but saying its the ‘terms’ is a very general reason so it could mean a whole range of things i guess?

I’d just get started with the CASS - they clearly don’t want your business so I’d get out before it becomes more hassle.


You’d have to read through the T&Cs and check:

The list of reasons is reasons why they may terminate your account immediately.

They can close your account by giving you at least two months’ notice for any reason they want - there are no conditions needed for that.


This. No bank is under obligation to provide banking facilities to every customer so they can choose to close accounts if they wish. It’s unlikely they’ll do it to everyone on Mondays because of upset and bad publicity but where they have a reason to, they will

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But there would be a reason for it to be flagged. And theres been no incomings/outgoings from my account that i havent been making for years.

Nor has any personal things in my life changed

ive contacted Monzo so ill post screenshots of their responses in here anyway- incase it may happen to anyone else in the future

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There will be a reason somewhere along the lines. I would suggest doing what @Anarchist has suggested above and double check your credit reports etc.

Monzo are not going to say “It was because you sold 18 donkeys without a permit” because next time you or someone else sells donkeys, they’ll put the reference as “food” and won’t attach the receipt.

You can chase the chat for answers but you’re not going to get an answer. I would instead work out which bank account you wish to use in future and CASS to that.


It could be as simple as they set up their system to show any accounts that spend at Greggs on Mondays before 5am and they close those accounts. Unlikely, but it’s just one example. You don’t have to do anything wrong or different to usual, but if you fall into a category of customer that Monzo have now decided that they no longer want to offer accounts to, you can’t do anything about it even if you didn’t do anything wrong

Next week they could change the criteria to Greggs purchases over £15 on Fridays after 8pm. It’s that simple unfortunately.

Unlikely to be such a banal reason but it’s along those lines. And as @Revels says, they most likely won’t tell you because that would help other customers avoid the screening

Us, customers like to think we have the right to a business relationship with all businesses but just as you can walk out a shop, a shop can also ask you to leave at any time for any reason


I know you’re speaking hypothetically here, but these tactics would be so out of touch with Monzo’s vision to make banking accessible to everyone. This isn’t how you run a bank to shake up the industry, this is how you run a bank that’s just the same as the rest of em.

If banks can pick and choose their customers for virtually any reason, well that’s just completely wrong, in my opinion, and something the regulator ought to address.


I see. I didnt know that but seems like its the most sense (albeit maybe not for greggs :smiley: )

Very interesting though. Ill wait and see what monzo come back with, hopefully they actually give a reason anyway

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No bank will close your account for an arbitrary reason such as gorging on Greggs after 8pm. But it’s an example of how they could tweak their algorithms at any given time to suit their changing needs and how people could get caught out by it


Could I ask that if/when Monzo get back to you, that you come back here and let us know the outcome?

Would be nice to see some closure on situations like this for a change instead of folk disappearing into the void, as so often tends to happen.


There’s always a reason, it’s not in their best interests to randomly close accounts.

It will be interesting to hear what Monzo come back with unless this topic gets out of hand and is closed.


100% ill post the screenshots too (taking out my name if mentioned etc for obvious reasons) so no one can say it was modified too :smiley:

i know i havent done anything dodgy or given them any false info of any kind so ive got nothing to hide in that sense.

Just got a message from them saying theyll pass it to the ‘Customer Advocacy Team’ so ill wait for their response and post it


Could it be something related like out of the blue large deposit to coinbase or something along those lines that might like uninteresting to you but to monzo could look dodgy?

Not illegal but certainly on the blurred lines?


Ive only ever made 1 deposit to coinbase (or any crypto type of thing) from my monzo account and that was last July for £200. Never done a withdrawal from them as id use my paypal for that.

so dont think that would be it. I normally use my monzo for general stuff like amazon purchases, online shopping, o2 bill, netflix, sky tv, apple subscriptions, spotify, paypal etc. Nothing major cost wise

and i get paid into this account once a month- then i transfer my mortgage out of it to my barclays account to be paid.

and been using the account int the same way since 2018 so it doesnt make sense to me.

Monzo support said ill hear from them within 4 working days so lets see


Good luck, @mark2021