Monzo said they’re closing my account

I received a email at lunch time today stating that monzo will be closing my account on the 22nd April
Ive been a customer since 2017. It’s my only bank, never committed a crime, never bought crypto or fake currencies and I certainly haven’t bought anything dodgy.
My wage gets paid in monthly, I use the account for bills and rent and shopping that’s it as that’s all I need.

Is their a reason to why it’s being closed? I read through my agreement I got in 2017 when I joined and after 3 hours I haven’t gone against or broken a single one so I decided to create an account on here to get my support.

I’ll also be contacting the financial ombudsman


Seems like too many people are having their accounts closed in April. We are all customer here so we can only speculate. There are other 2 active conversations at the moment you could have a look. Make sure of course you chat Monzo about that and see if they can give you anything more.


There have been a few of these threads lately. It seems that Monzo adjusted some of their risk based decisioning. I wonder if it’s because of the FCA investigation that was mentioned last year?

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Hi. Welcome.

This seems to be happening to a few people

In short, there’s nothing you can do. Their decision is final and the ombudsman can’t/won’t do anything.

This is the best thing you can do - Switch your current account to Starling - Starling Bank


Oh my bad I thought this was a place to get support for my account since I’ve tried the live chat but it says such a person has joined then they just end the chat and it asks me to rate it as soon as I ask them how come it’s happening, Now I can’t see the chat button at all so wanted support on here but thanks for letting me know this is just customers as I was actually going to put my details in the comments to see if it made it faster to find my account


you need to go through the proper processes before the FO will entertain your complaint, it might just be easier for your stress levels to open another account with another provider rather than potentially have to wait 8 weeks for Monzo to issue a final answer - that will be mightily close to 2 months notice of closure , if you haven’t put the process in pace before then , the Ombudsman will also say Monzo dont have to offer accounts to anyone


If you go into the help section and search “Contact” then you’ll get the chat back, but they aren’t going to tell you anything unfortunately.

If you look at this post from one of the threads I linked to, it specifically says they won’t tell you anything.

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That’s how I used to enter the chat by searched help in the chat but when I try it now the “Need more Help” / “Chat to Advisor” / “This doesn’t answer my question” has just all vanished completely

Thank you for the screenshots I’m glad I’m not the only person but it’s disappointing that they can’t tell you why

Do you have plus or premium?

I’m not non as it doesn’t interest me as 15 pounds is a lot of money to my household

I’m telling you now, it’s all the free members they’re banishing.

Monzo is trying to make it so only paid are staying on


It probably is profitability then. They don’t make money of you and decided to close the account. Not fair and extremely annoying but it’s their choice at the end of the day. I wish they could clarify though!

crikey …only 4.83 million of these threads to go then …cant wait , at least we can cut and paste replies by then …Ill let you know when they close my non plus account :slight_smile:


What a helpful comment.

I’m telling you now, you’re completely wrong.


I’d be surprised if it was. We’d be having a “race to 2 (3?) million” thread again

Also, would they close both my personal and joint accounts? Because my personal account isn’t profitable and my joint account also only sees enough money in/out to cover household bills

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Hence why everyone who’s made a post has free accounts

It’s gonna be race to 1m with all the accounts they’re vanishing

but I have a free account why haven’t they closed mine … Im disgusted

You’re an investor you’ve already gave them your money

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