Devastated About Account Closure after 2 years

For me they all show as closed, even loans that I settled
I don’t think it has an impact

Anyway, if OP worries they can close the account themselves by CASSing sooner


Hopefully that’s not the criteria otherwise I suspect a lot of people on this community have some bad news coming their way :wink::joy:


This doesn’t look good.

Bows out before controversially suggesting this is not good practice


Also worth noting that there have only been a handful of people mention this recently.

When they are stonewalled with scripted responses by Monzo, naturally they will end up here when using Google to look for a more comprehensive answer. So for now (and to me) it doesn’t seem to be a huge “wide spread” issue, perhaps just a bit of spring cleaning or it could even just be a coincidence that these people all did something “wrong” at the same time.

As customer numbers increase over 5 million, coincidences are likely to be more common and not necessarily indictive of anything catastrophic about to happen.


Is there anything you use your account for that is inconsistent with a person in receipt of Universal Credit? I.e holding savings in excess of the permitted limits or making large transfers? Does anyone else have money paid into your account?

Some banks use lifestyle profiling as a basis of assessing risk. It could be that you are doing something perfectly legal, but which would not ordinarily be consistent with a person claiming UC for example.

This case appears different from the available information in mark2021’s thread - in this case, Monzo are explicitly saying “we can’t tell you why”, and blaming their “legal and regulatory responsibilities”, which is frankly weird when taken in conjunction with ‘but you can still use the account for two months’


It seems to be the same to me. The difference being is that in the other topic they haven’t had an explanation yet so they are waiting for a reply. I can see them getting the same response as this though for reasons already mentioned.


The only possible ‘problem’ with an account closure on a credit score is if it was your oldest account that was closed as your financial stability over a long period is shortened to the next longest open account. It isn’t that much of a problem though.

Since universal credit can be claimed by people who are working then no. Too many variables

The UC seems to be a red herring on this


I’m pretty sure “average age of accounts” also takes into account closed accounts, but obviously the length of time you held them won’t increase anymore

I have small amounts sometimes debited to my account by my sister as she’s a full time carer for our mum and can’t leave the house but these are typical weekly grocery shop amounts nothing worryingly large.

I don’t hold any large savings nor do I make large transfers. No one has had access to the account or used my account for nefarious purposes.

Last year I closed my 20 year old Halifax account and it automatically defaulted to my 3 year old RBS account and impacted my score. Didn’t really care, but it does have an impact however little.


Thank you for having an empathetic approach. Given the current climate and with so many people dealing with loss whether that’s in the form of a loved one, a job or significant income reduction (all of which I’m currently facing) then situations like this are not exactly water off a ducks back.


I had pretty much the same thing happen to me a few days ago- only difference by the sounds of it is that i dont get UC, but i did make a payment to Coinbase of £200 a while back (only 1 mind you, and never a withdrawal)

but then im not sure why a customer paying out towards coinbase would be such an issue- especially a pretty low amount like a one off £200

and surely UC isnt a problem? especially now of all times! So many people out of work or on reduced wages- so im sure there are many receiving UC. Seems insane they would close your account for that

ive sent them a message/email and they said they were investigating my case and would let me know by the 1st march

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Can you tell us, what you said to them? Considering writing myself.

I dont know much about UC, but surely if they have approved him to receive it, who are the bank to say otherwise and not only assume something risky is going on, but to close the account without even asking the bank account holder for an explanation?

There is nothing ‘clear’ about it, and nor is tweaking their internal risk criteria the law :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


does that not depend on who is asking them to tweak their risk appetite …hmmmm …( if anybody is ) when do FCA regulations / advice become law ? and Im not suggesting this is externally driven …

Going to keep out of the wider discussion on this topic, but I would say it is more likely that we hear from someone in that situation (as they may search the forum out to air it) for the same reason you see a lot more passionate views/comments for low scores on Amazon and eBuyer than for high - folk who are happy and for whom things are going well tend to not say much on a topic and vice versa


And all of them are new.

  • Get email from Monzo
  • Google - Monzo closing my account
  • Leads them to this place