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I’m gate crashing this discussion out of frustration so apologies. Can someone help me out with how this ‘forum layout’ works? It seems that regardless of topic the community discussion lists ranked oldest to youngest, so to see the latest post endless scrolling is needed. There is no settings option or control panel to change viewing options. Frankly when I visit the community I want to be able to quickly scan the most recent comments on the topics which interest me, nothing else. I am not knocking this site. Most of you seem to like it a lot, but I don’t have any experience with social media sites only car forums, there the site navigation is easy and fast. Thank you.

Starling Feedback
Starling Feedback

The site is not designed by Monzo but is standard software called Discourse.

Unfortunately you can not toggle back and forth between oldest and newest :slight_smile:

However if you click in the numbers indicating the position of the post in the thread e.g. 25 / 69 for post 25 of a total of 69 posts then you will see a Jump To button. You can click that button and enter the number of any post such as entering the number of the latest post or one recently done

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There is a quicker way to scroll though. On the right-hand side there is a mini scrollbar which you can drag quickly to get to the bottom of the thread.


And it automatically jumps to the latest unread post in discussions you have been following.

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Or you can just hit the End key on your keyboard


not sure where the End key is on my phone…I can’t find any keys in fact :wink:


I’ve never found the any key. Do programmers have special keyboards?


Nick, bookmark the following link to jump straight to the latest posts:

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Tapping the number on the side shows this so you can tap to access the most recent comments. It’s pretty convenient for me. As the others have mentioned it’s usually easiest to filter by “latest” to see the most recent ones.

but usually the unread posts are already highlighted for me and clicking on those takes me to the responses I’ve not read yet.

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