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I’ve noticed that other Discourse-based forums tend to have a New topics menu item (on mobile) or link (on desktop) appear when new topics have been created. I can then click on this to see a collated view of all the new topics that I have not yet looked at. If I’m not interested in them I can then click “Dismiss New”. For example,


I don’t get such a link on the Monzo community (although I can still get to the equivalent view by appending “/new” to the main community URL).

Is this New link missing for everyone or is it just me? If the later, perhaps I’ve turned something off in my settings (although I can’t figure out what that might be).

If it is missing for all, can I suggest that Monzo add it?
I find it very useful on other forums.

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Tap the three lines next to your profile icon, top right. You’ll see it there (not sure where else it’s supposed to appear, but this is where I access it):


A link to new posts (if there are any) also appears at the bottom of a thread.

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Ah yes, thanks.

I guess its absent from the locations I mention in my OP by design, but that’s different to every other discourse-based forum I visit.

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