Monzo blog navigation

(Jack) #1

Would it be possible to add a topics list to the Monzo blog page? Or maybe some function to allow search?

All the posts are really good but they are often difficult to find and refer back to especially after some time has passed.

A good example is the new posts called Monzo 101. New users joining in a few months may not easily be able to find these to get the answers they need.
Maybe some more integration with the app help section would be good.

Anyone else have any comments they can add?

(Naji Esiri) #2

The blog is having a design revamp right now actually to make things easier to navigate, search didn’t make the priorities list but it’s on the radar for the next big web revamp.

Good point -we’ll be adding Monzo university articles to the community section of the Help screen soon!

(Jack) #3

Thanks for the quick response. :+1:t3:

(Tim Chambers) #4

Also, this may be possible already, but email notification when there’s a new blog post?

Edit: IFTTT has fixed this for me now. :joy: