[Meta] Default Community homepage

I’ve noticed that since last weekend (~21st Jan) the default homepage for the Community is now the “Categories” tab rather than “Latest”. This is also the case when clicking the Monzo logo in the top left. Is there a setting accessible to change this preference back to “Latest”?

Also, as a sidenote, any idea where the :monzo: emoticon has got to? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all.

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I use the ‘More’ at the bottom right to get to where I usually start from:

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Assuming the likelihood that the :monzo: emoji is custom it was probably an oversight of not re-adding it when the forum/community software was updated or modifed into the version it’s using now.

Hopefully someone who can add it will realise and re-add it back soon. :slight_smile:


@ned this is part of the community forum revamp Zainab is working on to make relevant threads easier to find and navigate. You can click the ‘Latest’ tab on the homepage to switch view immediately, but unfortunately, only admin can change the default homepage!

Out of interest, do you have a strong preference towards either as a default page?

Are there any plans to restore the :monzo: (& :mondo: since it’s in quite a few posts that were created before the name change) emoji’s?

I prefer latest threads as the default as its 1 fewer click to see what’s happened recently.


I do too but obviously I’m a frequent visitor in the community.

I think the change is better for new users because they’re more likely to navigate to the Bug Reports category & see the pinned topic, for example, which will hopefully reduce the number of duplicate posts.

I’ve heard that the topics are going to be reordered soon too so the most commonly used categories are at the top of the list :wink:

I’ve added a link to to the latest posts URL to my favorites bar which I use instead of the Monzo logo to navigate back to the main page. It’s slightly slower to load but only slightly.


@AlexS will see what we can do about the Monzo emoji!

@uncle_fungus Totally see it being easier for all the awesome frequent visitors :heart:️ The idea behind it is exactly as Alex said: easier to navigate + less duplicate posts, etc.

Could also bookmark https://community.monzo.com/latest - so you always jump to the Latest page? (You’ve probably already thought of this!).


Hi @Zainab and @Naji, thanks for taking the time to get back to me. Bookmarking “Latest” is a good shout, if it’s not possible to set the preference individually :slight_smile: I can totally see why the current homepage choice is a better springboard for new visitors.

Look forward to the reappearance of :monzo: !


Totally threw me at first but I updated my bookmark to go straight to latest.