Monzo for Huawei app gallery

Putting it in the Amazon app store is another alternative.


We don’t have any plans to make the app available in the Huawei App Gallery I’m afraid.


Why not?


Its not just a case of sticking the APK up, you have to swap out Firebase as well for notifications and all the other google services used.
The Huawei hardware is nice but the whole embargo means buying it is a bad idea until the USA stops blocking them. Any company who wants to do business in USA should also avoiding dealings with them too.


I not got nfc on my phone, so can’t use t

Hi all

I think this is a really interesting topic, so have just posted a poll about Huawei users’ intention to upgrade. Grateful for your input.

just looked on the huawei app store and it shows monzo on there but says not yet available

It’s on what they call a wishlist

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Yes, this is important as I mentioned in my another post. We chinese studengs who are deciding to use Huawei or using huawei will just change the bank. Of course Monzo is one of our top favourites

I completely understand your perspective. There are in my opinion four tiers of banks as far as this is concerned:

  1. Those that publish an app on Huawei app Gallery
  2. Those that don’t have an app on App Gallery, but who do provide mobile-optimised internet banking through your device’s browser (for example Lloyds Bank)
  3. Those that don’t have an app on App Gallery and don’t provide mobile-optimised internet banking, but do provide some kind of online banking (desktop) through which you can access most online services (e.g. Barclays, as far as I know)
  4. Those that don’t have an app on App Gallery and don’t provide any kind of browser-based internet banking (e.g. Monzo, etc)

It’s of course entirely possible that some of these banks will publish apps on App Gallery, but for now at least, in the absence of statements or commitments, your best bet if you have a P40 is to stick to a bank in one of the first two categories I’ve listed.

Would be great to see Monzo hosting a APK or via the Huawei App gallery

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Hi, are there plans to create an app for Android users with no Google Playstore.

It is a major drawback, not having one.

Thanks :pray:

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It’s a great phone technically but I can’t see why anyone would choose it over any other Android phone given the situation and what happens to your data supposedly.

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Huawei collects user data, but not in the way certain factions the media have made out. There has been no evidence of data misuse.

Huawei are at least a pure tech company (compared to Google). The only threat Huawei posed is being bigger than some western brands.

So I’d like love to see a compatible App in their store.

The phones are outstanding.


That’s not really the case and there’s much more to it than this.

There’s an existing thread for this request:



Out of curiosity how many UK banks provide an Android app that can be accessed without Google Play Store?

(I’m an iOS user so have no idea)

I described my phone as exceptional, but sadly 4 months on the no Google thing is irritating I’m not giving it back cause I love it for all its flaws please vote for this thread more vote=more chance (even if its slim)

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