Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v.1.21.0) [Pulse!]

Quite disappointed by the graph feature, here are my main points:

  1. It looks too gimmicky and incomplete in its current iteration. It would look better on a separate tab and with more features (e.g. toggles for data labels, time period, spending category)

  2. It slows down the main app view slightly (at least on my phone, htc one m8)

  3. It’s not responsive in the way the user expects. For example, when I scroll left on the graph itself it does take me to that moment in time, however, as soon as I lift up my finger from the screen it scrolls me back to a random location of its choosing. This is really frustrating.

  4. It’s not useful in its current form (see point 1) and it forces the balance and spending info at the top to be too small (in my view)

I like the general idea of it, although I’m not too sure about its usefulness even with more features. Ultimately I guess it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have per say, but it should definitely have a tab of its own.


It seems like it depends on where you start the scroll from. If you scroll the pulse graph from the far left or far right of the graph, it seems to stay. If you initiate the scroll by tapping and dragging on the line (or thereabouts), then it seems to bounce back. Very odd either way.

Generally, I’m not fussed about the pulse graph and if I had the option to hide it, I most likely would. I’d rather have something like a running balance which would be useful to tally things up with my budgeting app.


I’m surprised to find it taking up space in the home page. I expected it to be in spending, as it’s a chart of my spending.

I’d also like to see the projected zero balance date, based on the current extrapolated rate of spending. Do I need to slow down, or can I spend a little?


good feedback. It may have it’s uses, it is just not where we want it to be!

It’s exactly where I like it :wink:

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