Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

(Kieran) #612

@ataulm said this on slack “This is an unavoidable side-effect of the custom icons :disappointed: It’s the same reason you need to re-add the shortcut to your homescreen if it was there.”


Seems buggy with my Pixel 2 XL.

With the changed icon, Monzo doesn’t appear in my multitasking view but no issues with the default icon.


Custom icon looks half done to me… although I can change the app icon in my launcher, when I do launch the app the splash screen shows the original Monzo icon. I think it would be much more polished if the splash screen used the custom icon too…


I can’t switch back into Monzo anymore. If I swipe to switch to another so Monzo disappears from my recent apps and I have to go to the app drawer/home screen to open it up again. It opens where I left it so it’s not closing fully.

(Sean) #616

Working on Nova on a OP5


It only does this when I’m using the non-default icon. It works if I switch back.

(Ataul) #618

Changing app icons aren’t natively supported on Android.

We tried using some workarounds, but the way we did it breaks the ability to keep the app in memory (so you can switch back to it from the “recent apps” button).

For now, we’ll revert it, and may revisit in the future.

(Jordan Taylor) #619

Thanks for trying though, appreciate the effort you and the team have put in, in trying to make this work when it’s not officially supported in Android! :slight_smile:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #620


ok I understand the decision but it’s a shame :yum:

(Stephen Spencer) #621

Ill-thought-out suggestion:
You could install an icon pack to the system, and then people could use their launchers to switch icons?
Not sure how this plays with custom shape icons, and if it was static you’d be “granted” all the icons regardless of how alpha-y or beta-y you were.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #622

Not sure it would be very well received by the masses if their banking app wants to install an icon pack :see_no_evil:

Sounds like something a dodgy game might do, not something a banking app should consider IMO :grin:

Plenty of custom packs exist, think there’s ways to use images as icons too, there’s always that route if a user wants that. But not something monzo should be pushing :yum:

I’ve already given a couple of suggestions to monzo for ways that other app developers implement multi-icons in their apps :slight_smile:


Maybe it is me but I would far rather developer time was spent on tidying summary, payees and bring other features than working on app icons.

(Sean) #624

Nooooooooooo! :cold_sweat: works fine for me on Oxygen OS and Nova :sunglasses:


Me too. Why revert it? Just put a warning on that it only works with certain launchers.

(keithy) #626

Works fine on my mate 10. Please don’t revert :sob::grin:

(Patrick) #627

It works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S9.

(Ataul) #628

Hi everyone. We’re shipping an update to revert the ability to choose a custom icon.

The reason we’re doing this is that the workarounds we used to implement this causes issues with other app functionality (multitasking) on some popular devices and launchers.

Unfortunately, the workarounds mean that if you have enabled a custom icon, and update the app to this version, then you’ll lose the ability to open the app! :see_no_evil:

Please revert to the default icon before upgrading to the latest beta. If you don’t, you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the app.


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(Tony Hoyle) #629

I’ve always wondered how the clock and calendar do it… secret APIs that haven’t (as far as I know) been reverse engineered yet.


I love living on the edge :sunglasses:

(Sean) #631

Can confirm that if you update without reverting the icon then the app becomes inaccessible (no icon, can’t open from play store even :poop:)

Edit: you can still get to it from notifications