Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

(Sean) #632

Is it possible to have different icons as shortcut widgets instead?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #633

Version 2.19.1 is up :see_no_evil:

I refuse to update :joy::joy::joy: I love my beta icon :scream:

APK mirror:

(Matthew) #634

I updated and the Monzo icon has gone from the launcher and I cannot open from play store either!


Uninstall and reinstall

It was explained above

(Kieran) #636



I can understand why you have decided to revert but still disappointed :disappointed_relieved:

It would have been better to fix it. Hope we will see this back in near future.

(Matthew) #638

Thanks. Rectified :+1: Already miss the Pride logo :frowning:

(Matthew) #639

Thanks - my app updated first, then I came here to see if the issue had been mentioned but didn’t see that post.

(Ataul) #640

Sorry for the inconvenience, Matthew!

(Ataul) #641

They’re specific to certain launchers and those use cases afaik.

(Gareth) #642

Not reverse-engineered? Have faith…

(Jack) #643

Could you upload the icons here, that way we can still use them with custom launchers! :crossed_fingers:


Why didn’t the icon reversion and the need to enable the default icon appear in the changelog? I only read about the pulse graph so installed without reverting and therefore lost app access and had to reinstall.

(Peter Roberts) #645

It sucks that this breakage occurred but this is the beta version of the app. IMO we should all be expecting breakage and ready to try a reinstall by default when that happens. It’s a testament to Monzo being careful that this doesn’t happen more! :+1:

(John) #646

Can understand that this is a beta and i expect to have to troubleshoot somethings, but i also expect known issues to be named in the changelog particularly issues that break functionally. I always read Monzo’s changelog mainly because they’re one of the few companies/apps that actually put useful info in it and inform people of what is being addressed in the updated instead of just the usuall one liner of bug fixes that most other apps do!


Same here. I’m not getting that annoyed as I know it’s a beta but even so a changelog was there (I read it!) and there was no mention of this…yet that was a pretty major beta change. Being a beta tester means testing the new features so of course I’d changed my icon. I just think if they can write about the pulse graph fix they might think of writing about something that possibly makes the app disappear!


A notification for this would have been good, mine autoupdated and vanished :frowning:


Mine vanished too.

(Sean) #650

I’ve just noticed that top-up by card has reappeared for me in the latest beta. I’m 99% sure that it wasn’t there about a week ago.


Yeah, still there