Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog 🕵

Maybe it is me but I would far rather developer time was spent on tidying summary, payees and bring other features than working on app icons.


Nooooooooooo! :cold_sweat: works fine for me on Oxygen OS and Nova :sunglasses:

Me too. Why revert it? Just put a warning on that it only works with certain launchers.

Works fine on my mate 10. Please don’t revert :sob::grin:

It works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S9.

Hi everyone. We’re shipping an update to revert the ability to choose a custom icon.

The reason we’re doing this is that the workarounds we used to implement this causes issues with other app functionality (multitasking) on some popular devices and launchers.

Unfortunately, the workarounds mean that if you have enabled a custom icon, and update the app to this version, then you’ll lose the ability to open the app! :see_no_evil:

Please revert to the default icon before upgrading to the latest beta. If you don’t, you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the app.



I’ve always wondered how the clock and calendar do it… secret APIs that haven’t (as far as I know) been reverse engineered yet.

I love living on the edge :sunglasses:

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Can confirm that if you update without reverting the icon then the app becomes inaccessible (no icon, can’t open from play store even :poop:)

Edit: you can still get to it from notifications


Is it possible to have different icons as shortcut widgets instead?

Version 2.19.1 is up :see_no_evil:

I refuse to update :joy::joy::joy: I love my beta icon :scream:


APK mirror:


I updated and the Monzo icon has gone from the launcher and I cannot open from play store either!20181012_200128

Uninstall and reinstall

It was explained above




I can understand why you have decided to revert but still disappointed :disappointed_relieved:

It would have been better to fix it. Hope we will see this back in near future.

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Thanks. Rectified :+1: Already miss the Pride logo :frowning:


Thanks - my app updated first, then I came here to see if the issue had been mentioned but didn’t see that post.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Matthew!

They’re specific to certain launchers and those use cases afaik.

Not reverse-engineered? Have faith…