Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog


Yeah I think it’s done on the backend as those user labels are something customer support can see


Can the iOS users get the same Beta icon by any chance?


ios app already has custom icons to change @nickh


Can you change the colour of them?

My “Beta” badge is a minty green… (I like the Red!)


These are my only options on 2.19.0


Yes by changing phone to Android :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve no idea how much control Monzo has over this, but the new custom icons aren’t working on Nova Launcher on the Pixel 2XL.

They work fine in the standard Pixel launcher though


Working on my pixel xl 2 using lawn launcher.

(Stephen Morris) #600

Same here (using Nova on Pixel 2). But if you select the icon to edit it and go to “built-in” icons, the default one you’re offered for Monzo is the version you selected in the app.


I set up an iPhone for freetrade last night, can you dummy walk me through changing the iOS icon cos I failed looking at the blog :see_no_evil:

Actually. It’s appeared now I’ve updated the ios


Wow- perfect. Great knowledge


Haha, sure.

In the app, go to:

Top arrow on the right hand side to enter Account settings
Then top right “settings” button
Scroll down to Custom App Icons

Point 2 might be different cause I have a joint account.

(Tony Hoyle) #604

I’ve looked all over the app and can’t find this option… how do you do it?

(Kieran) #605

Account -> Profile -> Settings -> Custom app icon

(Tony Hoyle) #606

I don’t have that option. I’m on the latest beta but maybe the feature isn’t rolled out to everyone.

(Kieran) #607

:thinking:It’s right at the bottom of the settings page

(Chris Rimell) #608

I have found a bug with the app icons. I use Nova Launcher, the app icon is not updating. However, if I used pixel launcher it does.

Just looking to see if there is something I am doing wrong with Nova…

(Kieran) #609

(Chris Rimell) #610

Perfect, thanks, I missed that in my haste! :wink:

(Stephen Spencer) #611

My MS Launcher got a bit confused when I changed the app icon - Monzo vanished from the “most used” screen and wouldn’t appear when dragged back in manually, but did reappear back in the rightful place when I manually restarted the launcher.
Odd, but not exactly a catastrophe.