Monzo Flex payments back to card?

Good morning all, i have monzo flex and have been paying on time and extra every month. But unlike a credit card, the money paid in doesnt go back to credit. On the contrary, its been taken away from the total credit. Has this happen to anyone ? Can anyone explain how it works ? Im so confused

If you pay money onto your Flex account, the amount you pay on will become available credit (or should).

What exactly are you seeing?

Attached a picture but not sure you can see. So all payments i am making are being deducted and not added back.
Tried contacting Monzo but no reply for the time being

Thank you for replying !

I’m not really sure what you’re asking.

You spend at Sainsbury’s and your balance increases. You pay some off and it decreases.

This is all perfectly normal and how it should work.

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Your outstanding amount needs to go down to £0.00, not up to your credit limit. The amount you paid in on 8th, had reduced the balance from £2,755.32 down to £2,396.32, meaning the credit has been takin into consideration on the image you provided.

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So that final column is your balance and not your available credit.

When you paid your £359 your balance reduced by £359 and your available credit will have increased by £359.

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