Monzo Flex payments help?

Hi guys I’ve had Monzo since 2018/19 and mainly now use to deposit savings with occasional spending on debit card. My main account is with another bank. Since been thinking of using Monzo flex as another credit card to spread my costs. Where does Monzo Flex take the Money from? Do I have to transfer in money to my Monzo current account? Also is there a grace period as with other credit cards or is it full stop the monthly date you set for money to be taken out.

Currently monzo Flex only allows your monzo account as a payment method so your balance for paying it needs to be there.

Flex let’s you pay your monthly installment early, or pay extra if you like. It also lets you choose whether to use a short interest free payment over three months or longer payment terms with interest.

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It will take money out each month. How much depends on how you split the payment - over 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

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I use Flex in this way, too. Just have to remember to check the next monthly payment and transfer it to Monzo when I get paid.

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Cheers guys makes sense now.

A bit dangerous just need to make a mental note to transfer before Monzo takes it out. :grimacing:

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You could use your smart phone to add a diary entry with an alert or a reminder or suchike to do that, essentially to make sure you don’t forget to do that

A reminder at the 14 day window, where new Flex transactions won’t go toward next months payment, would probably be good (by toggle option, not default force) to say what the payment would be, or at least a week before so people can actively check if monzo isn’t their main current account.

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There’s a reminder a few days prior (my reminder appeared yesterday and my payment will be Tuesday). Tapping on it takes you straight to flex to see that transactions and if you wish to edit the payment plans.

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Ah I’m more for an actual notification, not just appearing top of the activity list like a direct debit (unless it does actually notify and I’ve never paid due attention).

Yes I got a push notification.


Oh :melting_face:

My bad.

I never got one, I did pay it in advance on Friday (which I’d guess I’d have had the notification yesterday if I hadn’t done so).

I think I’ve paid in advance a few times the past few month thinking about it (weekly pay is a blessing and a curse).


No need to apologise. Maybe it’s a phased rollout or something, I don’t know? I think I’ve had it the past 2 months but can’t be sure?

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I’ve always had the push notification a few days before the payment is due. My Flex account was new at the beginning of June, though.

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Same, got a push notification just now


I’ve just received a notification that mine is due on Thursday., so no need for mental notes.