Why does my Monzo Flex balance get deducted from my overall amount?

This is something that really bothers me, I KIND OF get why it does it.

So, if I have £500- in my account, but £-100 in my Flex account, my account only says I have £-400 in total!
The thing I don’t like about it, if I’m paying back £33.33 a month, why can’t it treat Flex just like any other loan/credit card?
In this example, I still have £500- in my account, I just have £-100 on my Flex ‘card’ which I pay back £33.33 a month.

Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense!

It makes a lot of sense.

I’m keen for Monzo to show a net worth figure, but the way the total works at the moment isn’t that (it doesn’t take into amount non Monzo accounts) and, in fact, it reduces usefulness as I can’t see a figure that, for example, tells me the balance on which I receive interest.


Ah thank you! It’s not just me then! (I thought it may have been!)

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Hey folks,

I have a minor issue with the way flex sets up repayments after crediting your account then taking instalment 1 at same time. I flexed a payment using interest free three month instalments option. The problem is that it’s not three months, I’m making three payments over two months! One on the date (e.g today)and the second instalment in the same month on my specified date (28th) .

Has anyone else found this to be an issue? Do we have a solution other than only flexing after preferred instalment date?

Thanks :pray:

If the payment you flex is made within 14 days of your repayment date, the first repayment is skipped to the month after.

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Thanks Michael, your response is much appreciated. My instalment date and payment do fall within a 14 day window so I’ll trust that it will sort itself out, it confused me as as states my nest scheduled install ent is due in 2 weeks having taken a payment yesterday at point of flex.

If you look at the next payment due in the flex screen you can see which payments it’s for - so take a look there and see.

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That’s the correct behaviour.

13th March > 28th March is more than 14 days.

The bottom one on 16th March, doesn’t leave 14 days until 28th March, so that payment is skipped.


Ah okay, that makes sense, thanks for this. I’d set up my payment date as 28th in hindsight I should have left it.

Much appreciated,

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Back to the OPs topic on this…it’s very misleading the way the balances are combined.

I now have no way to see what balance I have in my current account. And don’t know if I have enough for my bills that are about to come out. And I don’t have 1 rn but I assumed i won’t know if my negative balance means im about to be charged interest.

Is there any way to see my actual current account balance without combining my flex negative balance?


Well your overall current account balance would be the figure showing next to your current account entry. Am I missing something here :eyes:

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Maybe I’m missing something, on home tab, my balances are not automatically combined. Monzo shows my balances per account, flex and current account are stacked but with separate balances. If I want to view total balance I need to minimise the transactions but all accounts and balances are clearly signposted, and in order. If you’re not seeing this, it might be worth refreshing or updating your app.

Huh…I tested in this yesterday and it seemed to be combined…but now it doesn’t.

I’m confused but seems fine now!