Is it possible to add a positive balance to a monzo flex card?


I’m heading on holiday in a couple of months and the hotel I’m staying at will only except payments for the remainder of the holiday amount via credit card on arrival.

I want to use the monzo flex card as it doesn’t have fees for paying abroad, however the credit limit they have offered won’t cover the remaining amount. I have the money in a savings pot, I don’t need to borrow it, I just need the credit card as a payment method.

Is it possible to transfer money into the flex card?

No, you can’t be in a positive balance. You can only pay off what you’ve already spent.

Unfortunately I think that’s what the credit limit is there to prevent. (i.e. putting too large a balance on the card). It’s sometimes possible to part-pay on a credit card but I imagine depending on where you’re staying that could be difficult to ask if language barriers are a factor.

Sounds like you’d need to either increase your credit limit or get a credit card with a higher limit for your trip. Hotels generally aren’t actually that fussy so you could also call ahead to verify with them if cash or debit would be fine since some places will say ‘credit’ when in reality they just mean ‘any card’.

Definitely don’t assume though to avoid an awkward encounter.

Make part payment to credit limit, payback within app, make another payment to required amount.

Repayments are instant on Flex.


Yup, this is the way.

It’s what I’ve been doing to capitalise on my Chase cashback lately when there’s a big one off purchase.

Put a small amount on the Barclaycard first, then pay the rest with Chase. That way I get the benefits of credit, without using much of it, and capitalising on the rewards from Chase.

I even go further and calculate the credit card payment so the Chase amount ends in .01 for the 99p round up. :laughing:


I hadn’t thought of that, thanks!

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