Monzo Flex + Joint Accounts

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just signed up for Flex, assuming I’d be able to flex any transaction within Monzo accounts which I’ve got access to. - However it looks like its only available for my current account, not available for my joint account.

Is there something I’m missing, or it simply doesn’t work with joint account transactions?

What are people’s methods to work around this, as I don’t really use my current account - it was a just a requirement to open a joint account.


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Hi. Welcome.

There’s nothing you’re missing. Flex is only from your personal account.

You could use your Flex card and then set up a transfer to cover the costs or do it manually when needed, those are your only options really.

Thanks! - I’ve read the first 500 posts or so from Flex was launched and this feature was quoted as being a close second/third on the list of next features after physical cards and payment date. So I assumed it’d have made it by now.

Also its availability for joint accounts was ambiguous in the documentation (in that it wasn’t specifically excluded).

This has made me wonder if the joint account is something the company is no longer prioritising. I noticed there is no community space, or tag for joint accounts!, And there are a number of other features that lack parity between the two account types.

I don’t think it’s ever been prioritised but it’s still very good, just not as good as the personal account.

There are many theories as to why and many many requests for parity between the accounts.

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to tags/spaces on here, there’s many that are old/missing etc.

The Chief Product Officer recently posted;

What that turns into is anyone’s guess, but it’s the best we’ve had about improving JA for a while.

And to give credit where it’s due, Monzo have been releasing a lot and quickly in the recent past, so if that’s anything to go by, joint accounts could soon get the love they deserve.


I’ve just discovered this limitation as well. Being able to flex previous payments from the joint account isn’t a biggie for me, as I generally know which transactions I want to borrow for ahead of time and can use the Flex card vs my normal Monzo card.
But not being able to pay using the joint account, other than remembering to do it manually each time or set up a transfer, just seems daft. I don’t understand why it cannot offer the joint account as an option to take the payments from. Currently I will continue to favour my legacy bank credit card, which is paid off via Direct Debit to Monzo and so I can’t forget to pay it.

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Also looks like I can’t make payments from my joint account. That makes it worse than every credit card from every other bank. :frowning:


Flex, like a Plus/Premium subscription and a loan is tied to your Personal account.

So until there’s a major account restructure, you’ll have to fund the Personal account from the Joint account to pay the Flex amount. I do this every month for Flex, Premium & Loan payments.

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But it doesn’t have to be. It’s incredibly annoying and stops me using my Flex card. Which I would do if I could pay automatically via my joint account.

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I too would like Flex for joint accounts. Our major purchases tend to come from our joint account. Currently I manage this by using my personal flex account, and then setting up scheduled payments from the joint account to cover the payments. This is a faff though, and means lower visibility of the true state of the different accounts.

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