Monzo Flex Calculator

What do you guys think of a calculator that lets you work out how much it would cost to flex a purchase before you buy it?

For instance, if a hotel costs £245 if i pay now and £278 if i pay when i get there. I would love to open up the monzo app and find out it would cost £269.94 to flex it over 12 months (£22.5 per month) and 258.23 if i pay over 6 months (£43.04 per month).

This would make me much more likly to use flex and save my self money in the long run.


Monzo know it’s wanted but no sign of it yet.


Yes please.

One of the few things Tymit got right was having a purchase calculator right in the app. Surprised Monzo didn’t see that and realise it was an idea worth nicking.

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Yes please. Trying to work out what my monthly payments / interest would be if I bought something and flexed it and this would be very handy.

I’ve just built this in google sheets. It’s not perfect, but it gives pretty close approximations.

Think it would be a good idea, so we can see payment plan before we are committed to the purchase.