Flex calculator

Maybe it would be good to have a calculator in flex, so someone could decide about affordability of payment schedule before committing.

Eg say I want to buy something for £500 and see what payment would look like over 6 or 12 months

I know £500 / 6 is £83.33 but not sure what interest would be. Having a single screen where I can see at an instant what the plans would cost would be handy

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It has already been suggested below, so be sure to add your vote there.

You can also read Monzos comment and see a community built calculator you can use in the meantime.

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Doesn’t Flex show the interest which will be payable on the various plans when you’re selecting a transaction to flex?

I think it does, but would be good to be able to decide before you’ve filled out card details and hit order :slight_smile: