Edinburgh - Further potential engagement

Hey team,

Last night I was at the Edinburgh road show meetup, thanks for coming along and sharing your insights.
I was looking to chat to Naji and Paul afterward but they were swarmed as you’d expect.

More events/community engagement activities was brought up and I was keen to see if I could support that happening as I run one of the UX and Interaction design communities here in Scotland which plays right into the ethos of how Monzo works and operates as a whole.
On top of that, I know a team who run public hackathons on a regular basis and wondered if that would be of interest, maybe to sponsor one of their events, run a topic and gain some more user insight for Monzo.

I was aiming to get some emails to talk about this offline, so if Naji is around and this is of interest, let me know.

PS These community road show events are great and I’m seeing more and more people from cities and towns all over the UK call out for them. Be great to see this run for a lot of them, if there’s any energy left after the first few.


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Hey Marty, thanks very much for coming along yesterday, pleased you enjoyed it! We hope to be back soon :wink:

I’m really glad you got in touch, and sorry we didn’t have time to chat yesterday. I’d be really happy to continue the conversation on some of the ideas and points you have raised via e-mail. As you probably gathered from my talk yesterday, we’re really excited start to collaborating with the existing Monzo community to coordinate a programme of events across the UK which reflects the diversity of our customer base as we grow.

My email address is naji@monzo.com, I look forward to hearing from you! :+1:

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I guess I saw a guy wearing a t shirt with a big M logo on it. I mean the Monzo M :hushed: