Bulb - can you still sign up through Monzo


Hi All, time to change energy supplier is the bulb offer still on via Monzo ?

(Kieran) #2

Yup here https://join.bulb.co.uk/partner/monzo


Thanks - why could n’t I find it anywhere I thought Monzo was supposed to be building a market place to offer these types of services

Strange !!!

(Kieran) #4

Might be worth reading this http://www.altfi.com/article/4305_monzo-removes-savings-and-investments-from-its-third-party-marketplace :slight_smile:

(Change Works) #5

I’ll be looking to change energy suppliers in a few weeks. What was the Monzo offer?

(MikeF) #6

About half of the personal offer. £25 each I think.

(Change Works) #7

Ah, thanks. I’ll scout around for a referral code instead.

(Kieran) #8


If you want to help out a currently very poor phd student who can provide said referral link then let me know :stuck_out_tongue:


Removed link :slight_smile:

£50 for each of us if you want to use it :stuck_out_tongue: (edit: oh I see people offered first, so go with them :slight_smile:)

(MikeF) #11

This is where I’m supposed to give you mine isn’t it. Ah well, too late to the party. :grin:

(Change Works) #12

I know where to look now! Thanks.


Thanks Kieran, I have used this link https://join.bulb.co.uk/partner/monzo 31

They were actually the cheapest provider anyway - I checked on uswitch but used the monzo link - every little helps as they say.