Monzo Email re Salary


So I got an email today from Monzo… Subject “Did you know you can get your salary paid straight into Monzo?”

In it, it explains how I can pay my salary into Monzo… I was a little confused why I got this email as for the past 4 or 5 months I have been having my salary paid into Monzo :man_shrugging:

Was this a mistake? Or just a generic email?



Probably a mistake - I didn’t receive this email.

I didn’t get one and I don’t have my salary go in yet. Hoping too very soon though. Maybe just random

You don’t get emails from Monzo on this. Contact. Customers Service on the app.

I’m going to see what I can see about this :eyes:

I’ve seen one or two people on twitter get a similar email today. So I’m sure it’s legit

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I’ve had a quick check with the marketing team and we did send out a test email yesterday and it did indeed encourage our customers to deposit their salary with us.

Right now it’s difficult to check whether a salary is being paid in. We don’t have all of the information to know for sure. Based on the feedback we received we may change our approach to this marketing slightly!


No worries, It didn’t bother me, I just wasn’t sure if you needed to know or not as I already pay my salary in so assumed something went wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for clearing it up!

Out of interest how does your salary get paid in Dan? (I notice you said “I already pay my salary in” rather than “my salary is already paid in”).

Like most people I get paid by.BACS (90% of employees according to them) at the end of every month. I didn’t receive the email.

I can imagine if the salary was coming in as a transfer from your legacy account or if you are self employed or have some other mitigating circumstance then it might be difficult for them to spot without either some very smart code or very smart people searching through half a million accounts.

If you are being paid by BACS regularly then Monzo needs to be a bit smarter!

My bad English, sorry :wink: - I get my salary paid into my Monzo account by BACS from my employer direct (NHS) so it’s easy to spot… however the amount changes each month depending on overtime etc