Monzo Customer Service Is Amazing!

Due to my personal situation, I found myself in financial difficulty, and because of this, three defaults will be added to my credit file. I approached both my legacy bank, and Monzo about whether this would impact on me keeping an account open, as it show a poor credit history on my file.

I had a conversation about this with my legacy bank and was given a very rude attitude of 'repeated defaults will cause us to look at the banking relationship very closely, and ‘to be clear, if we make a decision to close your account, you will be informed in writing’.

The response from a Monzo Customer service agent was completely different , I was told ‘I’m really sorry to hear of your difficulties. Your Monzo will never be negatively affected due to financial difficulties and other events and our priority is to make banking easier for you and that my account will remain open, it is unaffected by the credit file, and that external credit history is only taken in consideration when applying for an overdraft with Monzo’.

This is why Monzo is streets ahead of legacy banks!


This is why we all :orange_heart: Monzo :slight_smile:

Really glad you have had a great experience!


Sorry to hear you are in temporary difficulties, but it’s good to hear that Monzo are being helpful in managing the situation. That’s the kind of bank I want to support. :+1:


and hopefully the visability over your financial transactions and budgeting will help you getting back control of your finances - good luck :slight_smile:


That’s another example of great support from Monzo’s customer service team. :+1:

I hope your situation is resolved successfully.


It’s nice Monzo treats customers as humans, not words on a screen or numbers on a spreadsheet (that’s the last thing the end user wants) in situations such as this :heart:

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Always nice that Monzo respect and treat their customers how we want to be treated wish you all the best with getting back on track @anon12300088 :smiley:

I agree I was suprised at how helpful the staff are


The staff are so friendly and helpful it makes a change from other banks :slight_smile: it’s the little things aye.

Great to read this.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

I feel your pain @anon12300088 . I hope the situation improves for you quickly.

Monzo is definitely the place to do your banking. Legacy banks, including their staff behave like robots 100% of the time whereas Monzo treat you like you’re a friend down the pub.

Take care and best wishes…


@anon12300088 you just made me tear up :cry: I’m so warmed by what you wrote. So sorry to hear that you’ve been having a little bit of a rough time. Please let us at Monzo know any time if there’s anything we can do for you. :hot_coral_heart:


I love the fact you got the help you needed and I’m sorry about your previous situations! Welcome to Monzo I hope you enjoy it and wish you all the best in moving forward! :smiley:


Thanks :slight_smile: Is so refreshing and nice to find a bank, that actually wants to actively wants to help their customers, not turn their back on them when they’re not making them money, which is the attitude the legacy banks seem to take.


Glad you had a good experience, it seems like the philosophy of some banks is lots of “please contact us if you find yourself in difficulty”, then when you do you wish you hadn’t as the next step is to kick you while you’re down.
Name and shame I say… who are your legacy bank?
Perfectly understandable if you don’t want to say, just the first letter or two…

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