Monzo COps - Join Us!

(Trys Harrison) #22

Wish this was a SQL/excel related analyst role :sob:


Will you cover travel expenses for the assessment day in Cardiff?

(Simon B) #24

Yep - within reason!


Excellent - Currently living in New Zealand, hopefully the ticket to Cardiff isn’t too expensive :joy:

(Marc Dando) #26

Applied for a job with Monzo back in December, but unfortunately I didn’t get too far in the process at that time. Wouldn’t mind having another try.

Is it the case that 12 months would have to go by before I could potentially apply again, @simonb? :slight_smile:


No, it’s not! We consider 6 months more reasonable. Even if you’ve shown you’ve taken on our feedback you may be considered before that 6 months.

(Simon B) #28

What Beth said! :slight_smile:

(Peter Shillito) #29

Ah, I see all of the listings are for 8 hour shifts. I have a full time job (8:30-5:30 Monday-Friday) so an evening job as a top up appeals to get a bit more cash, but full 8 hour shifts aren’t really an option for me I think :frowning:

If you have 4-5 hour shifts I can have on a few evenings a week, I’d be interested, but I guess you’re after a consistent level of people throughout the week (I don’t know if you have evenings that are particularly heavy on support tickets).


We do offer part time, could always advise preferred hours in your application. :blush:

(Peter Shillito) #31

That’s the thing, when looking at the job specs, they say “All our shifts are 8-hours long”. I could apply and say “I know your spec says 8-hours, but…” but that sounds like I’m trying it on…

(Matt C) #32

I feel exactly the same!

(Ryan Kirk) #33

I’m going to a recruitment day next week!
Buzzing but incredibly nervous too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



(Ryan Kirk) #35

Also gives me an excuse to experience London too :grinning:!!

(John) #36

I was contemplating applying as I currently do 3 on 3 off and my 3 off I do nothing … but wasn’t sure if that would fit in with Monzo as my 3 off are never set days they are just moving all the time :unamused:


Good luck!

And this is much easier said than done, but there’s no need for nerves. Both you and Monzo will want you to do your best, so relax and put your best foot forward!


(Gareth) #38

Good Luck! :smiley:

(Ryan Kirk) #39

Thanks so much guys, really appreciate it :blush:
Already preparing myself… even if I don’t get selected even having the opportunity to be in the running is brilliant :slight_smile::monzo:


Hey everyone, I’m Ella :wave:
I’ve been recruiting new COps for about a year now and can answer any questions you have about the process or logistics around applying to join the team :policeman:‍♂️


Hey John,
We would need set days on which you’d be able to work - the reason is because we still do our shift rotas manually. As we have close to 200 COps, the consistency of days people can work on allows the task to not become too much of a jigsaw for the person in charge :grimacing: