Monzo COps - Join Us!

(John) #42

No worries! I thought that would be the case! Maybe if they switch me back to Mon-Fri and I have weekends off and you’re still hiring - I’ll apply :slight_smile:

(Peter Shillito) #43

:raising_hand_woman: Thanks for joining in. Can I have your thoughts on my posts earlier:

The goal of me joining would be to supplement my existing full-time job elsewhere.

(Matt C) #44

I feel like I work here already with the amount of time I spend on the forums now. Would be nice to have the opportunity to do some shifts helping with support on here.

(Jake) #45

Any opportunities for people who would prefer to work daytime?

(Jack) #46

Sounds like a headache :frowning: Any plans to automate it slightly?


We use so a lot of it is automated but human still seems to do it better.

(Jack) #48



Hi Peter :wave:
I’ve just checked with our scheduling team and the only non 8-hour shift we have available is early morning, from 4am-9am. Evening shifts unfortunately are offered on a 8-hour basis.


Hey Jake! Yes absolutely. We’ve got 3 options for you:

  • Early mornings (start at 4am)
  • Daytime shifts in our Cardiff office
  • Full-time Weekend: you would be working Saturday Sunday + 3 shifts during the week. These can be done over daytime hours


:100:what Beth said! We are working on a scalable system but for now it still requires a pretty big human element to make it work nicely :blush:


:eyes:- what’s holding you back Matt?

(Matt C) #53

The fact that I have a 9-5! :roll_eyes: I’m free the majority of evenings and weekends at the moment as I am trying to save money for a house deposit, so end up barely going out.


I’m not in the market for a job, but I wonder if any thought has been given to different working patterns or demographics. For example, I could see folk perhaps offering to help out for a few hours, without the commitment / slog of an 8 hour shift. Similarly, I could imagine retired peeps enjoying the contact and teamwork but on a pace / rhythm that suited them.

I know this isn’t good for top-down scheduling, but I wonder if any active thought has been put into just why it’s like that and what the cost/effort would be in changing it? A more flexible workforce - and one you could all on for peaks would be super useful, I imagine. (Granted, there’d have to be a minimum commitment as training costs money - but there are smart folk at Monzo to do those calcs!) :slight_smile:

(Ryan Kirk) #55

3 days to my assessment day. All booked for London :uk:
Roughly how long does an assessment day take?

Mixture between nerves and excitement now :rofl:

(Rachel Raybould) #56

I probably need to apply in a month or two for a permanent job… Any questions on my temp job give me a shout! I work on BizOps and Merchant Reviews.

(Callum O'Neil) #57

When I had my assessment day in the Cardiff office, in total the day lasted about 3 hours.
This consisted of two 1:1 interviews, each lasting about 30 minutes, as well as a group interview lasting just short of an hour. There was a few breaks in between each stage, as well as being shown around the office and being greeted by the team!

I’ve also been lucky enough to progress again to the final interview stage, so will probably see you in the office on Thursday!

Wish you all the best in case I don’t :crossed_fingers::grinning:.

(Ryan Kirk) #58

Ah wish you all the best on Thursday too!!
How are you feeling about it this time around?


Good luck for Thursday.

(Ryan Kirk) #60

Thank you so much :blush:

(Callum O'Neil) #61

Well, I mean nerves are just natural I guess. But what will be wil be, and I know that if I am successful I honestly don’t think it will feel real at first. It took me to fully accept the fact that I had progressed to the final stage in Cardiff before, after previously applying multiple times. But I guess I just kept on working hard to put as much effort into my answers as possible, and to prove that I was worthy enough to get an interview. So hopefully this time might be my time :crossed_fingers:.

I’m really excited to be given another opportunity, this time in London, because it means that I will have already had the privelage of visitng both offices in the UK :tada:.

How are you feeling about the interview? Do you have any questions that you would like me to answer in regards to my previous experience with the interview?