Monzo contact linked to phone contact?

Im not sure if this is new or not because im only catching on now.

My girlfriend’s name is saved in my phone with a little :couple: emoji beside her name.

Now this isnt obviously saved like this on the monzo contact i have for her.

However, i sent her money yday and can now see the emoji at the end of her name? Am i going mad or is this new? Is this showing the contact name i have saved of her on my phonebook contact and has this always been the way i just didnt notice?

If i had her name saved as say “the mrs” instead of her actual name would this have shown instead?

Only way to find out is to change her name and restart the app.

My contacts haven’t linked to their Monzo profiles, I’ve maybe not set that up though.

I’m seeing their monzo/legal name on p2p payments, not what I have them saved as, this is on android.

Should i raise this as a bug? :thinking:

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