Donate the contents of my Coin Jar to charity

Love the Coin Jar implementation. Now all I need is the ability to set up a direct debit or standing order that takes the contents of my Coin Jar and donates it to a charity of my choosing on a monthly basis.

Given the amount would change each month, I assume it might be a tricky implementation but I’m certain this would result in an enormous amount of money being donated to charity every month.

Bonus points for a Gift Aid declaration option.


Love the idea, have you seen this thread for coin jar type suggestions? There are similar ideas, but you should add yours to the thread and give it a snazzy name :sparkles:

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Stuff that :zipper_mouth_face:

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Seems an unneeded response…


But it was the response that everybody is thinking :no_mouth:

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I wasn’t, I actually think it’s a good idea. I’m sure many others do too.


Great :tada:

Hopefully they implement it as a feature for you both :slight_smile:

My response was slightly unnecessary, but it was only intended as a joke :slight_smile:

Going on from your ideas :bulb:@StevieBuckley

  • Being able to use a drop down list of regular charities to donate to.:page_with_curl:

  • Entering there charitie ID to bring up there details✏

  • being able as a monzo collective see how much has been donated in real time to different charities📈

  • Charitie Jar :heart:

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I would like any Charity functionality to be completely anonymous, like putting real coins in a charity box.

I wouldn’t want them to have my name, email, phone number etc. just so that they can say “thank you”, since they’re too much like big businesses these days, and they would sell all my data and I would then be bombarded by spam and nusience calls from every charity on the planet!

Maybe a bit extreme, but I will never sign up to charities’ monthly direct debit schemes for this reason. If Monzo could provide that anonymous alternative, then I would be more of a “giver”. I’d be quite happy if Monzo collected the money from our Coin Jars, and then made the charity contributions in their name, rather than mine.


What about a tie up with CAF? They have most charities linked and you can donate anonymously. They even claim the gift aid back for you.

or just giving?

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Curious to know what others think about when they would donate to charity - when the coin jar goes over a certain amount? Or on a schedule?

Or would you be brave and have it donate the moment it’s been rounded-up, so that you could see how much you’ve donated to charity but you couldn’t change your mind? hehe

I think I’d set it to donate when the coin jar got to say £5 or £10.