Round up to charity?

Just a thought.

Would anyone want the ability to round up to Community pots for charity?

My daughter has type 1 diabetes- I would like Monzo- to consider a way where charitable pots could be set up that the community could get behind.

Crackpot idea?


How would the money get to the charities? Automatic transfer scheduled by you/system/Monzo or manual when you decide it’s enough to make such transfer? Asking just out of curiosity…

I really like this idea! I would hope it could maybe make it’s way onto the Monzo Time ideas board… :eyes:


Ideally, I would like to see a “Charity Pot” where any transaction during the day gets rounded up and the change put into that pot instantly.

I like the idea of displaying the sum amount the community charity pot raised.

Perhaps you could even have a “Sponsor Pot” where people could ask for charitable donations to be made to one of their nominated charities? Great for things such as sponsored Cycle rides, parachute jumps etc?

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Charity of the month selected by the community?


Maybe- that would have the potential to get some decent critical mass behind it.

I wonder if and how you could leverage Gift Aid?

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I have mixed feeling about this, especially if it was a fixed charity presented in the app for all users.

Who would choose the charities that we can then choose from? What about a majority of the 800,000 users who are not on these forums? How do they choose? I donate mainly to the Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity. Will it be on that list? Or will it be only national or London focused charities as the forum might have a geographic bias?

In the end, if people wish to donate to whatever charity, they can set their own rounding up coin jar and then donate it to the charity of their choice. Monzo need to focus on extending the functionality of the banking side of the app!


and yet many people select brands that represent their values and beliefs- including banks.

I would like to see the ability for me to select a charity of my choice, see who else is supports my selected charity, see how much money has been raised etc.

As @HughWells points out perhaps this is something a Monzo employee can get behind in Monzo Time.

Yes I understand rounding up but when would it actually go to the charity?

I like this idea but it’s more of a nice to have thing… At the end of the day, I could just use a standard rounding pot and then make a payment to charity X when it hits a given point. A nice piece of finance related functionality that could be nice with this in mind though is to be able to schedule a transfer/payment/direct debit/standing order based on a given rule? Eg. I have a rounding pot that has a rule to pay the money to charity X once the total amount in the pot reaches £Y, which could then lend to other things too (Make optional payments towards loans/mortgages once a certain amount is saved etc)

yep- as previously mentioned perhaps this is something a Monzo employee can get behind in Monzo Time

as this is a feedback and ideas post what are your thoughts?

We had a similar thing where I used to work. It was very difficult to get people to vote for any charity that didn’t benefit children. I left it in the end, for that reason.

Yes, this does sound like it could eventually be a super-sweet combination of:

  • Pots
  • Round ups
  • Goals
  • Scheduled payments out of Pots (not here yet)

Scenario: With round ups enabled, your pot is triggered to pay out to your chosen charity/payee once an amount (goal) is met.

Definitely. I can’t think of a single other bank that offers that kind of functionality so it’d give Monzo another nice edge over the competition

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I am always an advocate of full customisation but unfortunately it is rarely practised by the people on the other side of the screen.

To me there should be all the options:

  1. Manual
  2. Automatic per amount
  3. Automatic per time period

but with some limits. For example the amount has to be minimum 10 GBP (or 5), and not more often than 1 a week, or something like that…

How about a charity pot which to be set up you put the charity number of the charity you want it donated to. Monzo could then make the payments to the charity’s once a quarter or some other rule such as when it’s a minimum. And as you put the charity number in Monzo can amalgamate all the pots to make a single payment to each charity.


Just posted this on a similar thread.

Definitely a good idea for Monzo time development.

Presumably it would also would get good press coverage.

Looks like this is in the works:
Please continue the chat on the thread linked above :slight_smile: