Monzo Plus - Travel Insurance Policy Terms

Where can I find out about the exclusions etc and full terms on the travel insurance before signing up?
It says there are exclusions etc but where do I get to see them?
Also I have asthma which can affect things like insurance and I want to see terms about device cover and excess etc. I thought it would be in the plus section of the site but I can’t see it.
Is it a case of selecting it then it shows me before confirming or?


Full terms/conditions:


I have a CoverForYou policy, at the platinum level, which is underwritten by AXA, covers more than this, and costs less.

I’m all for this travel insurance being part of the Monzo Marketplace, which was the original concept for Monzo. But putting this behind the “Plus” paywall doesn’t make any sense, because it isn’t any cheaper

I’d be happier to pay a small premium to get this via Monzo. Like a “Monzo seal of approval” to say we’ve checked through these insurance offers, and they cover at least XYZ. Maybe multiple options for the type of traveler you are.

But all that should be available to every Monzo user. The Plus users should get a discount on stuff like this, or bundled perks, like AXA insurance via Monzo is available to everyone, but via Plus gives you a bigger allowance for ATM withdrawals as well.

I can’t help but think Monzo Plus will become “Monzo” and the non-Plus users will end up with a kind of “Monzo lite”


Yeah I suspect it doesn’t cover asthma which is a biggie tbh. It needs to be much clearer on the sign up flow what the policy is, it maybe tells you after you select adding it and continue but I dont want to click next to find that out, it should be front and center.

At the time of taking out this policy you will not be covered for any claim arising directly or indirectly from:
• any medical condition you have, or have had, for which you are taking or have been taking prescribed medication; and
• any medical condition you have, or have had, for which you are waiting to receive, or have received treatment (including
surgery, tests or investigations) within the last 2 years

No doubt other banks have this type of proviso as well but if you/family have asthma and have an attack its not covered based on that.
I am not sure how they treat smokers as well (not me but a friend who is tempted by plus) as that normally bumps insurance up a fair bit.

I haven’t read the Monzo T&Cs, but I have a few minor conditions, and the Nationwide policy covers them for free. You can call them to declare any medical conditions, and minor things are free, more serious stuff you have to pay extra for.


Interestingly they will cover you if you call or pay extra but I notice the AXA policy seems to cover USA where as the nationwide doesnt appear to without paying.

I just ran a quote on the Axa website, and the one Monzo is offering seems to be equivalent to the highest level of Axa cover: Worldwide incl. USA, Gold level (£50 excess). That’s worth a bit more than £100 a year (which is around the same price as Monzo Plus with insurance £6+4 per month).

Does that sound right?

That’s what I thought too. I asked the same to cs but they stepped round that question so asking again if there are any differences

Couldn’t get Monzo Cs to define the differences as that would be classed as advice (even though I already took out the policy). I guess they don’t want to say something that may be incorrect. Wonder if AXA would be more forthcoming